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Various diseases can be hidden behind the word asthma. However, the airways are always affected. Some sufferers have to nibble on it their entire lives. We want to put asthma to the test and explain the background of the disease. What is asthma? Die Pharmacy magazine defines asthma as “an umbrella term for various forms … Read more

‘Elderly asthma’ on the rise… These days, when there is a lot of fine dust, you need to pay special attention to symptom management

Asthma is generally recognized as a disease of children and adolescents. However, in recent years, the number of asthma patients over the age of 60 has increased significantly. According to data from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA), the proportion of elderly people in their 60s or older among all domestic asthma patients … Read more

Obesity can worsen symptoms due to intestinal damage – healing practice

Link between asthma and obesity studied In previous research work, a connection between Asthma and obesity (obesity) shown. According to a recent study, the basis for this connection seems to be changes in intestinal health. A British research team Christine Parenti of the Nottingham Trent University has investigated to what extent Asthma by the effects … Read more

Simple home remedies for asthma, most notably breathing exercises and drinking ginger

asthma It is one of the main chronic diseases in the world that affects nearly 300 million people worldwide and its impact rate increases by a whopping 50% every decade, moreover, it affects both adults and children, and it is the most common chronic disease among children. According to the World Health Organization, if you … Read more

‘Asthma’ vulnerable to cold air, 10 questions 10 answers [코/목/귀 상담소]

O-Jin Kwon, an otolaryngologist, and Hidak are working together. [코/목/귀 상담소]. Hidak counselors will answer all your questions about nose, throat, and ear-related diseases. Asthma is a typical seasonal respiratory disease. If you are an asthma patient, you should take extra care as your symptoms get worse in the weather with large temperature and humidity … Read more