Improving Health and Wellness: Managing Lymphoma with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

2023-09-19 05:00:22 In recent years, the living habits of many of my friends have changed. In addition to going to work, they like to stay at home more in their spare time. Take a break at home, grab something to eat, and relax. Of course, his figure also improved step by step. As a result, … Read more

Demystifying Salt: Understanding its Origins and Iodine Content

2023-09-14 05:10:45 The rush for salt that occurred in some countries at the end of August actually surprised many people. It also happened after the Fukushima nuclear power incident 12 years ago. Why does history keep repeating itself? After everyone has calmed down, please allow me to share the inquiries I have received over the … Read more

September 2023 State Welfare Card Update: Check Your Eligibility for the ‘Poor People’s Card’ and Receive 1,500 Baht

2023-08-31 06:23:52 Follow the news >> Komchadluek online Update the ‘poor people’s card in September 2023’, the latest state welfare card, check the right to receive 1,500 baht. Who can get the money? “Poor people card for September 2023” There is money to enter the past 5 months for registered users.state welfare card or poor … Read more

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Eyes: Understanding the Hidden Messages They Hold

2023-08-28 00:32:13 I don’t know if you have noticed an interesting phenomenon: men don’t look in the mirror very much, or just glance at it while brushing their teeth; while women usually look in the mirror more often and for a longer time than men, but generally from the perspective of “pretty” Start out, care … Read more

Effective Weight Control: Recording Your Diet for a Healthier Lifestyle

2023-08-25 01:56:44 Maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent many chronic diseases and cancers, but only a handful of people can maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. The United Christian Nethersole Social Health Service Community Nutrition Service suggests that patients can record the amount of various foods eaten after each meal, and exchange the … Read more

Effective Treatment for Ankle Sprains: Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods

2023-08-14 01:59:17 Ankle sprains, commonly known as “Au Chai”, are a common sports injury. Traditional Chinese medicine indicates that “Au Chai” can be treated with cold compresses to reduce the temperature of the injured tissue in the early stage. After 24 hours, when the swelling stops, hot compresses can be considered. However, if you feel … Read more