I wanted to sleep with this anthill and agreed to sleep with him

Thank you for reading the news about Without Shame .. I watch Yousra admits: I wanted to sleep with this old man and agreed to sleep with him, and now with the details Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – The Egyptian star, Yousra, is one of the most prominent stars of Arab cinema, due to her … Read more

Scientists discover the “birthplace” of gold-rich stars

A team of researchers from the University of Notre Dame and Tohoku University has revealed the “birthplace” of the so-called stars, which are rich in gold. “Gold-rich” stars are defined as stars that contain an abundance of heavy elements other than iron, including the “jewelry store elements” gold and platinum, according to research published in … Read more

“Shame on you, Hani, Shaker.” Zaki Rostom’s granddaughter is angry because of Muhammad Salih

01:58 PM Tuesday 15 November 2022 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: Nevin, the granddaughter of the late artist Zaki Rostom, attacked art stars for their absence from the funeral of the late musician Muhammad Sultan. Nevin said during the funeral of Muhammad Sultan, in a live broadcast to “Masrawy”,: “No one crossed it and no … Read more

The James Webb telescope revealed the first image of the pillars of creation

It is the first time that this ghostly region where new stars are forming can be photographed. The Space Telescope NASA James Webb offered an unprecedented image of the iconic Pillars of Creationa spooky-looking region where new stars form within dense clouds of gas and dust and from which now comes a much clearer vision. … Read more

Watch .. Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby makes hot confessions to reveal the scene of her scandalous intercourse,, She could not contain herself and made the movie stop!

Thank you for your interest in the news about the Egyptian actress, Menna Shalaby, who made hot confessions to reveal the scene of her scandalous intercourse, she could not contain herself and made the movie stop! On the Gulf website now Aden – Yasmine Fawaz – Although 19 years have passed since the movie The … Read more

Art gossip: a famous artist is sleeping with Haifa Wehbe and a follower: O son of the lucky.. watch

Arts – Yasmine Yassin wrote on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 09:06 pm – The statements of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Waziri, Haifa Wehbe’s former business manager, that she was living with him in one house and he treated her as husbands because she was his wife, caused a great wave of controversy, especially after Haifa’s … Read more