Adrian Pallares Gets Emotional on Show Partners: Virginia Gallardo’s Testimony and the Impact on Telefe

2023-08-19 18:23:31 Adrian Pallares got excited live at Show Partners, the program that leads alongside Rodrigo Lussich in The thirteen. This was due to the testimony of Virginia Gallardowho was also moved to tears after recounting a hard moment lived long ago. “I feel that the bullets hit me nearby, it anguishes me. I don’t … Read more

Anuel’s New Love Revealed: Who is the Mysterious Woman Spotted in his Instagram Stories?

2023-07-05 01:57:24 The Puerto Rican trapper Anuel was seen today, in his Instagram stories, very affectionate with a mysterious woman. Will it be a new love? The urban exponent, named Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, has become popular on social networks for attacking his Colombian colleague Feid who is currently in a relationship with his ex, the … Read more

“Alexander Otaola Advises The Goddess to Stop Playing Victim and Look Forward”

2023-05-23 13:38:24 Electric influencer Alexander Otaola advised the Cuban singer The goddess stop being a victim, and he recommended that she and other people who in her opinion live anchored in the past, always look forward. “The Goddess swaddled with Yotuel… The Goddess is bent on clinging to popularity. She doesn’t want her Watsco to … Read more

Tomás Angulo being banned from the Magaly Medina program: “egos are overcome” | Magaly Medina | Camila Ganoza | Richard Acuna | SHOWS

Magaly Medina exploded upon hearing Tomás Angulo’s latest statements on the case of Richard Acuña and Camila Ganoza. For this reason, she expressed that she will no longer invite him to her TV show. LOOK: Magaly Medina on Anthony Aranda’s marriage proposal to Melissa Paredes: the ring must be a zircon “What happened to Tomás … Read more

“The most beautiful fishmonger” Liu Xinyu was labeled as a “bully” and lamented that her image was gone and she lost her acting job | Entertainment | CTWANT

“The most beautiful fishmonger” Liu Xinyu participated in “All-Star Games 4″ last year to gain popularity, and announced that she would return to her home in Changhua to help run the fish stall. There is a problem”, helplessly expressing that in the past 3 years since entering the industry, she has been often bullied online, … Read more

Madison Anderson is saved for the third time from elimination in “The House of Famous 3” – Metro Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Madison Anderson Berrios surpassed his third nomination on Monday night in the third season of “The House of Celebrities” (Telemundo). Osmel Sousa remembers painful moments of his life in LCDLF 3 For her part, the Cuban actress Aylín Mujica only achieved 23 percent of the votes and became the eighth elimination of the … Read more

“Wait for it!” will never be the same because of the Americans

The BLITZ+ project was founded, developed and managed by Traf Media LLC (TIN: 6154158704 KPP: 615401001). Traf Media LLC is an IT company, accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Date and number of the decision on state accreditation: No. 594 dated November 13, 2020. Registration number … Read more

Magaly medina | andrea llosa | “She is nobody”: Andrea Llosa ignores Magaly before explosive statements about her enemies | SHOWS

Andrea Llosa and Magaly Medina They continue to face each other and publicly show their enmity again. The host of “Nunca más” decided to respond to “Urraca” after she ignored her and made it clear that she is the one who chooses her enemies. MIRA: Giuliana Rengifo defends Andrea Llosa after her fight with Magaly: … Read more