“Alexander Otaola Advises The Goddess to Stop Playing Victim and Look Forward”

2023-05-23 13:38:24

Electric influencer Alexander Otaola advised the Cuban singer The goddess stop being a victim, and he recommended that she and other people who in her opinion live anchored in the past, always look forward.

“The Goddess swaddled with Yotuel… The Goddess is bent on clinging to popularity. She doesn’t want her Watsco to be empty, she wants the Watsco full forever…”said Otaola in his program Morning person during a chat with two of his collaborators.

“He came out to say horrors about Yotuel because he didn’t want to do the Armand’s song [Labrador]. Yotuel, when Armando composed the song, was in the middle of Patria y Vida, at the moment top. No one is going to leave a song like Patria y Vida to make Armando’s song, which is Armando’s song and I refer myself to the tests,” said Otaola, who took the opportunity to dedicate all kinds of praise to homeland and life and assured that no musical theme for the freedom of Cuba will be able to overcome it.

The influencer said he did not know “what was the trigger” for La Diosa’s reaction, and he was not very aware of the details of the disagreement with Yotuel over the song Cuba firstbecause he says that he only saw a fragment of the direct in Tik Tok of the singer where he addressed that issue, but he did indicate that apparently Yotuel never answered the Goddess about the collaboration proposal.

“You can have all the opinions you want. Did you call Yotuel? Did you call him? I understand that with the ‘filth’ of Tik Tok You have to act that way, but you can’t treat everyone or behave with everyone in the same way. I don’t think so,” added Otaola, who found it “misguided” that the singer brought up the subject on the social network.

“No artist, not even herself, is obliged to collaborate with another colleague,” she argued; and she cited as an example the refusal of the Goddess to collaborate with Miss Dayana.

“You have your right not to do a duet with whoever you want and everyone has the right not to do it with you if they don’t want to, and that is not an indication that they don’t love you, that they despise you… it has nothing to do with do with that. Stop the victimization. There is no reason for that. Get rid of the arique, the past is over and the future is yet to come. You can’t face the future by clinging to the past,” he insisted.

The influencer concluded by saying that “what happened is experience, armor, but it cannot be that every ten minutes you have to remember the past.”

Alexander Otaola’s recommendation to Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya, who has long referred to him as “godfather”, is consistent with other similar criteria that the singer of “La papaya de 40 lbs” has repeatedly received in recent days , then do several live broadcasts about situations in which she has been involved with various people.

In the most recent episode, the statements from Miami Vice about why prevented the Goddess from singing in it Pool Party of Enrique Santos caused the outraged reaction of the Cuban singer on her social networks, who later deleted the video from her networks.

At the close of this note, there is no record that The Goddess has reacted in public to Alexander Otaola’s recommendationto whose program the interpreter granted the first interview at the end of Januaryafter arriving on humanitarian parole with his family in the United States.

A few weeks later, in mid-March, The Goddess sang in the La Hora Karaola singing contestan event organized in Miami by the influencer, who last month introduced himself as Miami-Dade mayoral candidate.

On April 22, Alexander Otaola took the stage at Watsco to support the Goddess during the concertsomething that the singer thanked later.

“Alexander Otaola I owe you my life. In all the programs you presented my concert. I am faithful to you, and whoever does not understand it, may not understand it. I am a grateful woman,” said Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya shortly after the presentation.

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