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Magaly Medina exploded upon hearing Tomás Angulo’s latest statements on the case of Richard Acuña and Camila Ganoza. For this reason, she expressed that she will no longer invite him to her TV show.

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“What happened to Tomás Angulo? Another that changes with the direction of the wind the opinions that he has. He now says that it is wrong for parents to speak on television, if justice in this country is generally favored by the most powerful and the weak are left unprotected, this is where the newspapers and the media have to help these people.”said Magaly Medina.

He then continued with: “How bad Tomás Angulo, but at least here in this program I will not sit you here again, until you justify your actions or change your way of thinking”.

Tomás Angulo responds to being banned from Magaly TV: The firm

Diario Correo contacted Angulo to find out his comments on Magaly Medina’s statements, but he preferred not to comment on it.

“I have no comment on it. Although I understand that the news sells. I am not interested. In this new stage of my career, I look for news in my life that help the human being to be interested in improving. Egos are overcome. And one tries to not give it so much prominence anymore ”, express.

MAIL | Magaly Medina no longer wants Tomás Angulo on her TV show

Magaly Medina breaks down when reading a statement from Camila Ganoza: “your daughter will be proud” (VIDEO)

In the last edition of her program, Magaly Medina broke down when reading an extensive statement from Camila Ganoza, where she thanked her for all her support. Also, in the final lines, she sends an empowering message to her little daughter.

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“For you fat woman who has been on the lips of many television media that without any qualms have named you with your first and last name, as if your security was worth nothing,” read in the statement.

“I promise to do my best as always, as I consider I have done so far. I know that it will be difficult to digest and know so much information that has been released, but I am sure that you will feel proud of me “, Magaly read.

Magaly Medina recommended Camina Ganoza not to neglect her little daughter’s education, because that is the basis for her to shine in the future.

“Take her forward, let her study, don’t let anyone make her lose study hours, let her study so that one day she will have a bright future on her own and be an independent woman, which you were not and what you have gone through All this”, Magaly Medina said.

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