“The most beautiful fishmonger” Liu Xinyu was labeled as a “bully” and lamented that her image was gone and she lost her acting job | Entertainment | CTWANT

“The most beautiful fishmonger” Liu Xinyu participated in “All-Star Games 4″ last year to gain popularity, and announced that she would return to her home in Changhua to help run the fish stall. There is a problem”, helplessly expressing that in the past 3 years since entering the industry, she has been often bullied online, and was even labeled as a “bullying offender”: “During a sports program competition, a teammate suddenly withdrew from the game, and then someone who didn’t know said she I was bullied when I retired from the competition. At that time, netizens said, “You are not the most beautiful fishmonger, you are a bully”, and I was charged with this crime.” The negative label even caused her to lose her job: “I was cancelled. Participated in anti-bullying activities, because at that time my image has already gone off the clock.” Numerologist Zhan Weizhong advised her through physiognomy: “The nose is straight and sharp, she is too subjective and too opinionated, and her eyebrows should be a little longer , interpersonal relationships will be much better.”

Dagen was mistaken for a wanted criminal by the police. (Photo/provided by Zhongtian)

Dagen thought that gaining weight would make him lucky, but bad things kept happening: “I rented a car from Neihu to pick up friends in Tucheng. A van deliberately blocked the road and stopped in front of me. Suddenly, a plainclothes policeman jumped out of the car. Hold the gun and told me to get out of the car, and then pressed me on the car and told me not to move.” The dramatic development made the guests present all curious about the follow-up situation, but Dagen said that the police found the wrong person: “They want to arrest a wanted person I rented this car from Tucheng this morning to make a deal and returned it to Neihu, and I just rented this car from Neihu to drive to Tucheng.” But what scared Dagen the most at the moment was: “The police Seeing me say, “Why are you”? Then turn around and say to his colleague, “It’s okay, Zhang Lidong”!” After listening to Zhan Weizhong, he said that the reason why Dagen is prone to gossip has a lot to do with the improper bridge of the nose.

Ai Yusha tries to tell her fortune by cutting off her peach blossoms, but she meets a fortune teller who eats tofu.  (Photo/provided by Zhongtian)
Ai Yusha tries to tell her fortune by cutting off her peach blossoms, but she meets a fortune teller who eats tofu. (Photo/provided by Zhongtian)

Ai Yusha once had a period of low tide: “When I was still a model, the company forced me to take dewy photos, and if I refused to accept it, I was frozen, so I lived very hard at that time, and the average monthly income was less than 10,000. “But Ai Yusha felt that her love luck was even worse: “I had a boyfriend who would have sex with me when I was on location, and then I met a nice boy, but he was married, and I almost Be the third party.” And she asked a bone toucher to tell her fortune in order to cut off the rotten peach blossoms, but the fortune telling process made her wonder if she was being eaten: “I thought that touching the bones was touching the hands, but later I found out that he was touching the knees, and He kept touching the inner thigh, but I want to say that my friend is here, he should not dare to do anything, I was touched by him for 20 minutes.”

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