Anuel’s New Love Revealed: Who is the Mysterious Woman Spotted in his Instagram Stories?

2023-07-05 01:57:24

The Puerto Rican trapper Anuel was seen today, in his Instagram stories, very affectionate with a mysterious woman. Will it be a new love?

The urban exponent, named Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, has become popular on social networks for attacking his Colombian colleague Feid who is currently in a relationship with his ex, the singer Karol G.

After Feid and Karol G, left holding hands, at the Miami Dade Arena, -place where ‘Sálo’ made a recent presentation and won points with what would be his new in-laws-; the rumors of a relationship between the two are apparently already confirmed.

This fact was not wasted by Anuel, ex-partner of the ‘bichota’, who has done everything possible for the interpreter of ‘TQG’, to fall back among her prazos. The self-proclaimed “real until death” recently wore a T-shirt, in which he is seen lifting a baby in a carrier that has the face of “Fercho.”

Likewise, at the Tu Música Urbano Awards at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, the rapper brought a shirt that read: “You are with Feid but you are mine.”

When did Anuel and Karol G finish?

The relationship of these renowned artists lasted for more than 3 years and ended in mid-April 2021. A fact that left their millions of fans totally baffled, who learned of the beginning of their love with the release of the song ” Culpables’, a song whose music video It exceeds a billion views on YouTube.

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