Adrian Pallares Gets Emotional on Show Partners: Virginia Gallardo’s Testimony and the Impact on Telefe

2023-08-19 18:23:31

Adrian Pallares got excited live at Show Partners, the program that leads alongside Rodrigo Lussich in The thirteen. This was due to the testimony of Virginia Gallardowho was also moved to tears after recounting a hard moment lived long ago.

“I feel that the bullets hit me nearby, it anguishes me. I don’t want to worry, but my tears have to do with the impotence and anger that I feel for all this. Justice I don’t know what they are honestly waiting for,” Gallardo said in the broadcast. on Friday, August 18. The discharge was given due to the unexpected death of Mariano Caprarolawho had been having health problems as a result of a surgery that was done with Hannibal Lotocki.

The doctor also operated on the panelist from Show Partners and that is why she was so moved by the situation. He also revealed that every day he goes through different ailments after the operation.

Faced with this situation, Pallares expressed his solidarity with his partner with remarkable emotion. “Virginia is what you see, fun and funny, it can move you at some point and I see her hands tremble, she can’t name the executioner, the son of a bitch who took her to this place,” he said forcefully.

Virginia Gallardo told what Lotocki, who is disqualified from practicing medicine after the final judgment of Justice, did so that to this day he has sequelae on his body. “So that it is understood, I have cement in a muscle. They put cement on me and to remove it, they have to slice it off. It’s a terrible surgery, you have to expose yourself to something horrible,” he said. “It is very unfair that Justice does nothing. You have to cry less, be more Virginia and ask for Justice,” added Pallares.

Adrián Suar smiles: the information about Lussich and Pallares that torments Telefe

Rodrigo Lussich y Adrian Pallares They are the duo of conductors of The thirteen in charge of the morning magazine Show Partners. Both come from making a broadcast of the program that surprised the programming management of Adrian Suar and embarrassed telefe.

The thirteen It is in moments of change due to the exit of some cycles, such as The Forever Strangers which was driven by Alex Caniggia; y What sign are you?by Lali González. This caused the arrival of, for example, little correctcon “The Chinese” Leonis y “El Pollo” Alvarez.

In this context of modifications and commitment to drivers, the duo of Lussich and Pallares drew attention on the day of Thursday, August 17. He rating of the entertainment program surpassed phone, situation that has not happened for a long time: since the program began in early March 2022.

After twelve noon, Show Partners measured 6.5 points defeating Ariel in her sauce conducted by Ariel Rodriguez Palacioswhich made 5.5. However, the joy was short-lived as an hour later, The people’s news reached 10.2 points and Noon News of the canal del sol, 6.1, but in the same way alerted the management of telefewho is no longer as comfortable with the rating as he was months ago.

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