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LOn June 23, the 6th will be helde edition of the POG 10 km. The organizing committee launched the registration phase on Saturday, April 20, at the Émile Otando municipal park in Port-Gentil. At a single price of 500 FCFA, adults, young people and children will have the opportunity after their registration to showcase their talent.

“The component that we will have to include is tourism. Because we will have to capitalize on this event between now and next year, and we are seeing more and more enthusiasm,” thinks Yvon Tristan Reckaty, 3e deputy special delegate of the municipality of Port-Gentil in charge of sport and culture.

This umpteenth sporting event is to the credit of the oil giant Perenco oil & gas Gabon (Pogg), a true promoter of living together and social cohesion through sport.

For Perenco communications manager Zacharie Bakita, “it is an honor for us to sponsor this event, our partnership remains unwavering. This event has an impact on a sporting level, but also on a civic level.”

This race, which is the fastest in Africa, will undergo significant adjustments to bring a new touch to the competition.

“The start will no longer be given from the grandstand, we will move back 600 meters to allow everyone to have a place and better visibility”, estimates Anaclet Taty, member of the organizing committee, also president of the Gabonese Athletics Federation.

We also note that the number of youth athletes will be reduced, so that participants have a better vision of the circuit in order to reduce accidents. As another innovation, 13,000 sprinters are expected at the start of this walking race, with an elite category punctuated by the presence of twelve professional runners of international level. The performance of the athletes will also be taken into account throughout the circuit, and each person’s bonus will increase depending on the two male and female categories.

“Ladies who have run the 10 km with a performance less than or equal to 45 minutes will not be able to benefit from these bonuses. For men, it’s 36 minutes and the bonuses will be the same”informe Anaclet Taty.

We remember that the kick-off will be given on Sunday June 23 from 8:00 a.m., before the athletes are called up at 7:15 a.m. In the meantime, the Kids Run, this 4 km distance competition for children aged 13 to 15, is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. before the call at 9:45 a.m. On the other hand, on Thursday 20, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June 2024, bibs will be collected at the municipal fair.

Jean Jacques Rovaria Djodji

2024-04-21 13:01:59
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