Tamara Semina – about her meager pension

2023-07-28 22:28:51 84-year-old actress of Soviet and Russian cinema Tamara Semina admitted that she was forced to drag out a beggarly existence. Because he receives a very small pension. According to kp.ruthe actress receives 17 thousand rubles from the state every month. “I feel thrown into the trash. I deeply dislike people who humiliate older … Read more

Zepyur Brutyan photographed her beautiful sister on a walk with the little son of Pavel Priluchny

2023-05-15 20:19:30 Zepyur Brutyan is building a career in cinema. Thanks to her role in the series “In a Cage”, she met Pavel Priluchny. Two years later, a romance began between them. They played a magnificent wedding in Moscow, and recently the couple had a son, Mikael. Now the actress is getting used to her … Read more

Rudova pulled up her dress and ran her hand between her legs right on the beach: shamelessly filming

2023-05-15 04:15:31 Even in life, the actress Natalya Rudova does not seem to get out of the image of an uninhibited seductress. And he regularly excites subscribers on the Web with candid shots or angles that take the breath away from the especially impressionable. This time she took a selfie that made not only subscribers … Read more

“Roman Kostomarov: Updates on Olympic Champion’s Health Condition and Rehabilitation Progress”

2023-05-12 21:54:04 Roman Kostomarov, 46, has been in the hospital since January. The Olympic champion was operated on several times, amputating the limbs due to necrosis that developed against the background of sepsis. Now the news about the athlete’s condition is still fragmentary – the family is closed to communicate with the media, and fans … Read more