The Connection Between Juan Gabriel and Pablo Escobar: Uniting Music and Drug Trafficking in Colombia and Mexico

2023-09-25 13:37:47 For decades music, culture and gastronomy have been a bridge that unites Colombia and Mexico. In the 80s and 90s singers such as Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel and Vicente Fernández were very popular in Colombia, likewise, this time was considered the greatest boom in drug trafficking in the country. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria … Read more

The Airbnb House with Unconventional Rules: A Peek into ‘The Rules of the Kitchen’

2023-09-20 17:05:00 This Airbnb customer didn’t expect that the house he rented for his vacation would have such a list of allowed and prohibited things… it specifically specified when to use the items and how many glasses he could drink from! The rules were displayed in the accommodation with an evocative title: “The rules of … Read more

Retiree from Jalhay Receives Unjust Speeding Fine: A Shocking Story

2023-09-13 17:30:00 Louis Jacob, a retiree from the Jalhay region, has traveled more than 200,000 km in 10 years without committing the slightest offense or the slightest accident. This Sunday, returning from vacation, he discovered that he had received a fine for driving at a (corrected) speed of 51 km/h in a zone limited to … Read more

Risks of Laughing to Death: Retired Professor’s Tragic Story

2023-08-07 06:07:54 Retired professor tells jokes in the car. (Picture/return to Twitter, the same below) Many people laugh to death when they open and close their mouths, as if it has become a mantra. However, a retired professor from mainland China took part in a tour and told jokes in the car. Unexpectedly, he died … Read more

The opening ceremony of the theater movie “Xi Sha” was held, and the detective comedy movie of the Republic of China had a shocking start! _TOM Entertainment

2023-08-01 08:36:50 Recently jointly produced by Guoruo Films, Philm Films, Ali Films, April Sky Films, Admiralty Films, Jincheng Qidong Films, and Ma’s Trading Co., Ltd.Republic of ChinasuspensefulDetective comedy movie “Xi Sha”The opening ceremony was grandly held in Hengdian! The film is written and directed by the well-known director Niu Chaoyang, starring Jia Bing, Yu Entai, … Read more

Surprise in Mons: Saint Georges Throws Fake Pistol, Causes Stir in Crowd

2023-06-04 14:09:58 **** ** *** ****** ****** ** ******* ***** ******* **** ***** ******* ** ********* ******** **** ******* ************ ******* ** *** ****** ** ********* ********** ** ******* ***** **** ***** ******* ** **** ************** ** ****** ** *** ******** ***** ******* ** ***** **** ********** ******** **** ** ************ **** ** ************ ** … Read more