The Pentagon rules out that the United States has covered up the existence of extraterrestrial life | Science

Nothing to see here. As an agent stationed at the police cordon at a crime scene would tell the curious, the Pentagon assured this Friday in an exhaustive 63-page report, the result of reviewing decades of classified and unclassified information, that there is no evidence of that the United States has covered up any discovery … Read more

Rules at school, a taboo that disrupts the education of young girls

2023-10-12 03:49:09 Menstruation is perceived negatively by young girls. However, solutions exist to normalize their perception. «A school not enough “friendly rules” . » This is what the association “Elementary Rules” points out, which publishes a survey on the perception of menstruation by 1001 young girls aged 11 to 18, interviewed by Opinion Way*. For 4 … Read more

The Airbnb House with Unconventional Rules: A Peek into ‘The Rules of the Kitchen’

2023-09-20 17:05:00 This Airbnb customer didn’t expect that the house he rented for his vacation would have such a list of allowed and prohibited things… it specifically specified when to use the items and how many glasses he could drink from! The rules were displayed in the accommodation with an evocative title: “The rules of … Read more

One Fight Night 14: World-Class Fun with Strong Women Tag Team Action at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

2023-08-31 08:51:00 Get ready for the world-class fun that the strong women tag team to fight in ONE Fight Night 14, this time ONE raises an army of athletes to declare their strength at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore on Saturday, July 30. Year 66, with 3 lines of ONE World Championship belts, 3 … Read more

Pre-Training Warm-Up: Essential Steps to Safely Prepare for Physical Activity

2023-08-29 15:41:12 Outdoor portrait of young woman stretching and preparing for running. The physical conditioning phase, or pre-training warm-up, consists of a series of aerobic exercises and movements to elongate or stretch muscle groups that are carried out before a specific sporting activity, such as strength training, with the aim of in order to avoid … Read more

Stricter Measures to Limit Tourist Flows in Italy’s Popular Destinations

2023-08-03 13:09:21 Thursday, 8/3/2023, 1:09 p.m In some places in Italy, sights are crowded around the clock. Even at night the Trevi Fountain in Rome is not deserted. The country is now considering stricter visitor numbers in some localities. Rome – In the fight against mass tourism, more and more Italian holiday resorts are taking … Read more