Menopause: less than half of women talk to their partner about it

2023-10-20 06:00:23

On the occasion of World Menopause Day this Wednesday, October 18, a study revealed that this phenomenon is still taboo for many women.

Although it touches 14 million women in France, menopause remains a subject that is still taboo for many of them. On the occasion of World Menopause Day, the MGEN mutual fund and the Women’s Foundation published on Wednesday October 18 a survey spotted by ELLEwhich returns to this taboo.

One in three people do not dare broach the subject of menopause

And 80% French people, all genders combined, believe that we must speak out on the subject of menopause, but doing so is something entirely different. Since 35% of those questioned, or one in three, do not dare to broach the subject. Even worse : only 39% of women dare to talk to their partner about it, or less than half of them. In addition, a third of French people in a relationship with a woman aged between 45 and 60 cannot say whether their partner is menopausal or not.

And for good reason, 38% of the women questioned consider this subject as “hard” or “taboo», compared to 27% of men. Consequently, the survey reveals that the majority of women (61%) talk about their menopause first to health professionals. Friends come in second place, at 49%, and their family 42%.

28% of women admit to hiding the effects of perimenopause

In addition to the taboo of menopause, inequalities in the face of aging are also mentioned in the study: two thirds of French people (66%) believe that men and women are treated differently at work as well as in public spaces. Consequently, 28% of the women surveyed admit to having hidden the effects of perimenopause in their private life, and 26% in their professional life.

87% of women still believe they will experience menopause peacefully. But information is lacking: 37% of pre-menopausal women say they are not sufficiently informed on the subject.

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