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Nothing to see here. As an agent stationed at the police cordon at a crime scene would tell the curious, the Pentagon assured this Friday in an exhaustive 63-page report, the result of reviewing decades of classified and unclassified information, that there is no evidence of that the United States has covered up any discovery of extraterrestrial life. There is also no evidence, despite what was heard at a hearing held last summer at the Capitol, that the existence of spaceships recovered by the Army and kept safe in a secret base is hidden. The text, commissioned by Congress due to the growing interest in recent years in ufology in this country, also assumes that these conclusions will not end public opinion’s suspicions that the Government keeps its secrets.

Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, explained in Washington that the investigation was approached with an open mind and without preconceived ideas. But not even that: officials at the newly created – and wonderfully named – All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) found no evidence to support claims that there are secret programs, alien technology hidden somewhere. place in the United States or any other sign of life from out of this world.

“All of these investigations reached the same conclusion; “The majority of sightings were ordinary objects and phenomena and the result of misidentification,” Ryder said in a statement released this Friday. The report also says that such reports typically come from well-intentioned, if confused, observers. “AARO has determined, based on all information provided to date, that claims regarding specific individuals, known locations, technological evidence, and documents allegedly related to the engineering of extraterrestrial technology are inaccurate,” according to the report, which has been published the “first book,” which goes from 1945 to November 2023. The second will include information collected since last year, also through confidential interviews with “current and former United States government personnel.”

And that includes confidant David Grusch, who worked in the intelligence services for 14 years, and appeared under oath convinced before a US Congressional committee that the Government has in its possession damaged extraterrestrial spacecraft, as well as “non-human biological remains.” ”. He had not seen them, he claimed, but they told him while he was doing research for the Pentagon and interviewed 40 people over four years.

From left, pilot Ryan Graves, confidant David Grusch and retired Air Force Commander David Fravor are sworn in before testifying in Congress last July.
Barefoot JIM (EFE)

Defense describes testimonies such as that of Grusch, and also that of two pilots, Ryan Graves and David Fravor, who went to Congress that day to report suspicious sightings, as “vague information from a group of people who believe [en la existencia de vida extraterrestre]despite the lack of evidence.”

The release in 2020 by the Department of Defense of a series of videos from 2004 and 2015 of military pilots’ encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) moved a group of congressmen in Washington to seek answers about what which the authorities lately prefer to call Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) to chase away the conspiracy echoes that the term UFO carries.

The influence of popular culture

The UAP category would include, if any, ships of extraterrestrial origin, but above all, threats to national security in the form of supersonic devices from rival powers such as China and Russia, aerospace scrap, Elon Musk’s satellites or the illusions created by certain optical effects.

According to the Gallup pollster, 41% of Americans believed in the existence of UFOs from another galaxy in 2021, compared to 33% who bought that theory in 2019. The pandemic had a hand in that jump, experts warn, during the that people had more time to look at the sky, and the golden rule of UAP was fulfilled: the more you look for, the more you find. It also helps that the skies have become populated with new technologies that they dirtylike drones, and that we all go around carrying a video camera, as part of our smartphones.

“Sectors of the public have been interested in this issue since the term ‘flying saucer’ emerged following Arnold’s sighting in 1947,” the report says, referring to the incident reported by a pilot named Kenneth Arnold, who described a chain of nine bright unidentified objects that flew at enormous speed over Mount Rainier, south of Seattle. That marked the birth of modern ufology. That interest, Pentagon officials admit, has not waned, “as demonstrated by the proliferation of television shows, books, movies and podcasts on a topic deeply embedded in popular culture.” The report adds that peaks in sightings are recorded whenever the issue returns, like this Friday, to the headlines.

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