Pre-Training Warm-Up: Essential Steps to Safely Prepare for Physical Activity

2023-08-29 15:41:12

Outdoor portrait of young woman stretching and preparing for running.

The physical conditioning phase, or pre-training warm-up, consists of a series of aerobic exercises and movements to elongate or stretch muscle groups that are carried out before a specific sporting activity, such as strength training, with the aim of in order to avoid or reduce the risk of injury.

The Gold’s Gym Margarita personal trainer, Luis Larrazábal, explained that at this stage the muscles and joints, which are the soft and rigid tissue of the body, are prepared before physical work. This will help you carry out a more efficient routine and be less likely to injure yourself.

He indicated that physical conditioning – which is the correct term used among experts in the area, instead of warming up – involves different processes in a specific order: between 5 to 10 minutes of aerobic work; then elongations or stretches that are maintained for 10 seconds each and, finally, some series of few repetitions and little weight in the bodybuilding equipment, as indicated by the Personal Trainer or personal trainer.

Larrazábal, pointed out that aerobic activity can be done on the treadmill or pedaling on the stationary bike.

After the elongations, they are executed between one to two series in weight-training machines with light loads, such as, for example, the quadriceps extension machine if what will be worked on in the training are series of squats and lower limb exercises.

He stressed that it is important that the physical conditioning be individualized and appropriate for the routine that will be carried out next, “this stage is not the same for those who are going to do strength work or who are going to participate in a classroom class, obviously a different preparation, so it is important to have the advice of a personal trainer”.

expert advice

For beginning members, the trainer recommended having the advice of an expert, who can design an individualized routine, which also helps to achieve personal goals.

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