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2023-09-22 13:40:00 ******* ***** ******** *********** ************** ** ********* ** ******* **** **************** *** ******* ******* ** ******* ***** ** ********* ** ***** ** ***** ** * * *************** ** ** ******* ** ***** **** *** ******* ** ******* ***** ******** ********* ***** **** ** ***** ** ******* ** ** ****** ********** ******* ** ****** … Read more

Bus Driver’s Wallet Stolen While On Duty in Manage: A Shocking First for Steven Pirlot

2023-09-21 19:08:50 For a year and a half, Steven Pirlot has been a bus driver in Houdeng, La Louvière and Manage. This Tuesday, while this driver from Erquelinnes was finishing his evening tour, between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., he noticed that his wallet was no longer in his cabin… “During my last trip, I … Read more

The Surprising Story of the Café Manager’s Furniture Mishap in Hasselt

2023-08-25 13:35:00 When she opened her café on Tuesday morning, after its traditional closing Monday, Mieke first wondered. She then thought she was the victim of a steering wheel that was surprising to say the least. It was finally a neighbor who explained the truth to him. Which was even more amazing. But to understand … Read more

Murder Investigation Uncovers Suspicious Death of Brandon Dewulf: Three Arrested – Latest Updates and Details

2023-08-14 19:13:55 The investigating judge placed three people under arrest warrant on Sunday, in particular for murder in connection with the suspicious death of Brandon Dewulf, a 24-year-old young man, which occurred in Tielt, in East Flanders. The victim’s lifeless body was discovered Friday morning in a studio. It was his girlfriend who, having had … Read more

Hidden Island in Rue de Bouillon: A Dangerous Road Hazard in Pondrôme

2023-08-06 17:00:00 An island set up in the center of the Nationale 98, rue de Bouillon in Pondrôme, opposite the Atelier de la Fenêtre, is not marked. “It’s a big danger, especially when it rains,” explains Bruno Cnudde, a resident of Gedinne working in Beauraing. “I had the bitter experience of it last Tuesday, coming … Read more

Dealing with Nocturnal Noise: Jennifer Mereau’s Struggle in Her Neighborhood

2023-08-03 17:21:00 Since March 2019, Jennifer Mereau has had major problems with her neighborhood. After having lodged a complaint on numerous occasions for nocturnal noise in particular, the Hensitoise no longer knows what to do. “When we arrived in our new accommodation in March 2018, we went to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood,” recalls Jennifer. … Read more