Murder Investigation Uncovers Suspicious Death of Brandon Dewulf: Three Arrested – Latest Updates and Details

2023-08-14 19:13:55

The investigating judge placed three people under arrest warrant on Sunday, in particular for murder in connection with the suspicious death of Brandon Dewulf, a 24-year-old young man, which occurred in Tielt, in East Flanders.

The victim’s lifeless body was discovered Friday morning in a studio. It was his girlfriend who, having had no news since Wednesday evening, alerted the emergency services.

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According to the first elements of the investigation, the victim spent the evening of Wednesday with the three suspects. They used to see each other. But the evening did not go as planned.

“Around 6 p.m. I texted him to tell him his favorite t-shirt was still at my house,” Brandon’s friend Nicky Vannieuwenborgh told Nieuwsblad. The two friends had seen each other on Tuesday. “But his response was very bizarre. He asked me if I knew how to supply him with ketamine, speed or cannabis. I immediately understood that something was wrong, because he had stopped the drug”.

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Brandon had had a tough few months, but he was on the right track, according to his friend. For several months, he had been living alone in a small studio apartment at the CPAS, with the hope of rebuilding himself and returning to a normal life. “I said to myself directly said that it was not him who had written the message. Normally, we recognized Brandon directly with his dialect… Did his evening guests take his mobile phone to write in his place? I think “.

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Nicky immediately thought the worst and, later, without hearing from his friend, he went knocking on his door. But no one opened up to him: “Was he there, lying on the ground, behind the door? I don’t even want to think about it…”

On Friday, Nicky learned, in shock, the terrible news. Brandon used to hang out with the three suspects. But Nicky considered them “bad friends” because Brandon was trying to stay off drugs.

The three suspects are all known drug abusers. One of them was just getting out of prison. The investigation will have to determine how the evening turned to tragedy.

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Brandon was the father of a two-year-old daughter, Elena.

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