The route and timetable for the Liège-Bastogne-Liège passage in the province of Luxembourg

*********************** ** **** ** ******** ** ****** ** ** ******* **** **** **** ** ****** ** ***** ** ***** ******** *** ******** ********** ** ******** ** ********** *** ********* ** ** ****** ***** *********** ** **** ******* Read also D3B | Lise Burton, the physiotherapist who takes care of the Mormont players: “If someone bothers … Read more

Tragic Railway Crossing Accident: Impact, Investigation, and Resuming Traffic Updates

2023-11-28 17:22:38 It was 1:45 p.m. when the worst happened on the Eekstraat level crossing. While the barriers are closed and a freight train is approaching, two women still decide to try to cross the railway tracks. “The freight train was no longer able to brake and hit them both,” comments Infrabel spokesperson Frédéric Petit … Read more

McDonald’s Payment Debacle: Customers Furious Over Months-Old Charges

2023-11-06 18:15:00 British McDonald’s customers have slammed the fast food chain after being charged for meals… months later. Alexis Johnson, 42, was among those affected. Last Thursday, she discovered that her bank account was in the negative, even though it wasn’t supposed to be. The reason ? A payment of 40 euros at McDonald’s. The … Read more

Contestants on Reality TV Show Face Job Loss After Broadcast: Production Responds

2023-11-05 12:20:00 Some contestants on the show experienced disappointments with their employers after the broadcast. Production was keen to react. Illustrative image – RTL Belgium / Karimbo Published on 05/11/2023 at 1:20 p.m. By Michaël Hess PourCiné-Télé-Revue Recently, RTL-TVI viewers saw a certain Sabine again in Jean-Michel Zecca’s new show, “Le Dilemma”. In 2018, the … Read more

Storm Damage: Insights, Precautions, and Insurance Claims

2023-11-03 11:00:00 Firefighters were mobilized across the country on Thursday, totaling more than a thousand interventions. The province of Hainaut was strongly impacted, with more than 1,200 interventions by firefighters. It is mainly Picardy Wallonia and the center of the province which have been affected. In Western Hainaut, the firefighters of Picardy Wallonia (which covers … Read more

FlixBus Snakes Discovery: Spanish Couple Found with 11 Poisonous Snakes on Board

2023-10-13 09:46:17 The story is told to us by our colleagues at The last news. Last weekend, the federal road police, in collaboration with customs, carried out a control action on Belgian motorways. This targeted international buses and was mainly aimed at detecting drugs. During the inspection, a FlixBus was stopped on Sunday evening at … Read more

Prioritizing Pedestrian Safety: Video Shows Argument Between Driver and Resident

2023-10-04 16:54:18 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented an argument that took place between the driver of his vehicle and a resident over the priority of passage between the vehicle driver or the pedestrian. The resident was crossing the road with his family, and before the car reached him, the driver stopped and began … Read more

Car Hits Train at Bilzen Level Crossing: Nurse Escapes with Minor Injuries

2023-09-28 12:32:01 The incident occurred shortly before 11:30 a.m. on the Hoogbrugstraat level crossing in Bilzen. A 40-year-old nurse ended up on the tracks with her car at the level crossing between Hoogbrugstraat and Rooi in Bilzen. Despite the red light, the nurse decided to slalom between the barriers due to lack of time. The … Read more