Incredible Accident in Flanders: Car Lands on Truck Below

2023-12-06 22:09:42 A spectacular accident took place in Flanders this Wednesday around 6 p.m. While traveling on a highway, the vehicle missed its turn, crossed a guardrail and fell onto a lower road. In an incredible coincidence, the car landed on the roof of a truck which was parked and therefore stopped on the road … Read more

Terrifying Land Rover Accident in Montigny-le-tilleul – Caught On Camera

2023-12-01 07:47:29 The driver of the Land Rover drives at full speed and arrives in the territory of Montigny-le-tilleul. There, with his excessive speed, the driver arrives at the Mont-sur-Marchienne exit and then tries to brake; on his momentum, he continues his course, crosses the exit of the R3. The vehicle left the road, rolled … Read more

Rue du Bon Dieu Accident: Two Injured in Vehicle Rollover – Haute-Meuse Area Police Reports

2023-11-28 20:26:11 This Tuesday, around 7:36 p.m., an accident took place on rue du Bon Dieu in Anhée. The circumstances are not known but a vehicle ended up on its roof. There are two injured according to the Dinaphi rescue zone which went to the scene. The SMUR from Godinne, an ambulance from Fosses-la-Ville and … Read more

Unveiling the Spectacular Sea Waterspout Phenomenon in De Haan: A True Tourist Surprise!

2023-11-01 18:43:00 Surprise for many tourists who were in De Haan last Tuesday evening. While enjoying their time at the Coast, they saw a strange phenomenon forming in the sky. They saw a “tornado” appear off the city. At least what he thought was a “tornado”. of videos In reality, it is a sea waterspout. … Read more

Massive Emergency Deployment and Multi-Vehicle Accident near N53 Donstiennes: Comprehensive Coverage

2023-10-25 08:07:41 A large emergency deployment was mobilized this Wednesday morning, following an accident on the N53 near Donstiennes (Thuin). Firefighters, police and paramedics responded to the scene in large numbers. Around 7:30 a.m., the driver of a van, which was traveling in the Gozée direction towards Beaumont, lost control of his vehicle. He first … Read more

Serious Accident on E42 near Blaton: Car Rolls Multiple Times Before Blocking Traffic

2023-10-23 09:55:39 Monday, while a vehicle was driving towards Mons, its driver, for a currently undetermined reason, lost control. According to a witness at the scene, the car rolled several times before coming to rest on its roof and across the two lanes of traffic. Read also PS alderman Luc Wattiez hangs up after 36 … Read more

Multiple Injuries in Spectacular Accident in Thuin: Latest News and Updates

2023-10-21 15:28:50 The collision occurred this Saturday early in the afternoon, in the bend just after the Lidl on rue d’Anderlues, in Thuin. Several people injured in a spectacular accident in Thuin. – FVH Read also Strong emotion this Saturday during the funeral of Roseline Dussart, in Anderlues: “She will leave an indelible mark in … Read more