Fight the winter cold with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP00 air purifier, available €150 cheaper on Krëfel!

2023-12-02 07:55:00 Breathe clean, healthy air with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP00 air purifier Did you know that the interior of our homes is sometimes more polluted than the air outside? Between household products, formaldehydes produced by furniture glue, cooking fumes, candles and indoor perfumes, the air in your home can be bad … Read more

De Vier Bollekes: The Ordeal of a Belgian Chocolate Store – Exclusive Coverage and Video Updates

2023-11-28 19:37:23 Since October 31, customers who wanted to open the doors of the De Vier Bollekes store, located in Heist-op-den-Berg (Antwerp), found themselves in front of an unusual sign. “Closed due to exceptional circumstances. » A message which remained displayed for more than three weeks and which had cause for concern among regulars. “We … Read more

Monday Morning Weather Forecast: Snow and Slippery Conditions in Belgium

2023-11-27 07:40:45 Be careful if you have to hit the road this Monday. The cold and snow combo makes the situation complicated in several places. Here is the complete weather forecast for this Monday. Ovifat (waimes), this Monday morning. – VM By Sudinfo with Belga Published on 11/27/2023 at 06:36 Modified on 11/27/2023 at 08:25 … Read more

False Accusations: SNCB Investigates Train Incident at Silly Station

2023-11-26 10:42:00 Turnaround… While an attendant blocked a train at Silly station last Thursday because she believed that the driver was drunk and that he had run red lights, it turns out that none of this is true . An investigation is being carried out at SNCB. The driver left the train at Silly station. … Read more

New Blood Test for PFAS in Children near 3M Factory in Zwijndrecht, Belgium

2023-11-15 15:21:45 A blood test for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) was carried out for the first time in Zwijndrecht (province of Antwerp) in children aged under 12 years. The latter live within a radius of five kilometers around the 3M company site. of videos To examine them, a new, less invasive blood test technique … Read more

women continue to earn on average 13% less than men

2023-11-14 23:54:12 Women continue to earn on average 13% less than men in the European Union, the European Commission lamented on Tuesday. “This means that for every euro earned by a man, a woman only earns 0.87 euros,” underlines the Commission in a press release. Read also Soon a big new thing in Belgium: you … Read more

Food Inflation Exposed: British YouTubers Shocked by Price Disparity Across Borders

2023-11-03 18:44:00 Josh and Archie, a duo of British Youtubers, wanted to show in their new video to what extent food inflation is affecting their country. To do this, they compared a receipt in a local LIDL, with the total price of a trip abroad for the same shopping and in the same supermarket. The … Read more

Fly to Ibiza and Back for Less than a Night Out: A Mother’s Adventure

2023-10-30 18:25:00 Michelle Tocchini, a single mother of two, and her friend Tanya McElligott, both 38, wanted to prove it was possible to fly to Ibiza and back for less than a night out in London . The two mothers dropped their children off at school on Tuesday October 17 and then took a Ryanair … Read more