women continue to earn on average 13% less than men

2023-11-14 23:54:12 Women continue to earn on average 13% less than men in the European Union, the European Commission lamented on Tuesday. “This means that for every euro earned by a man, a woman only earns 0.87 euros,” underlines the Commission in a press release. Read also Soon a big new thing in Belgium: you … Read more

Maximizing Your Chances of Winning: Insider Secrets to Lotto, EuroMillions, Keno, and More!

2023-10-15 09:37:00 Bart De Bruyn, professor of mathematics at UGent, decided to reveal his secrets to Laatste Nieuws. of videos He has in fact calculated the possible returns and the chances of winning for popular draw and scratch games. First, there is the Lotto. “In 2022, 95,806,065 Lotto winners will have shared a total winnings … Read more

Win a Nintendo Switch Lite and Taylor Swift’s album!

2023-10-13 17:03:51 Dial 0820 90 9000*, discover what musical extracts are hidden behind the letters of the word ALOUETTE and win gifts! This week on Alouette, play Alphatop in Le 16-20 and win the Nintendo Switch Lite, THE first console dedicated to portable gaming! Alouette also offers you “Lover”, Taylor Swift’s album certified platinum album! … Read more

Former President François Hollande’s Visit to Liège and Insights on Ukraine: Sudinfo.be, 7sur7, Lalibre.be, Lavenir.net, RTBF Provide Full Coverage

2023-10-04 18:34:23 Former President François Hollande in Liège: “Putin must not think for a single second that he can win in Ukraine” Sudinfo.beVisiting Liège, François Hollande “envy” the power of the PS in Wallonia 7sur7François Hollande visiting Liège: “I have always looked with envy at the PS in Wallonia” lalibre.beFormer French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve … Read more

Protection of Copyrighted Works: Lawsuit Against OpenAI for Unauthorized Use of Books in AI Training

2023-09-21 06:12:41 In the complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in New York, they accuse the company of using their books “without permission” to train its language model, artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the basis of ChatGPT, software capable of producing all kinds of texts on simple query in everyday language. of videos “At the … Read more

Understanding the ‘Ryanair Hell’: Vivian the Steward Reveals Working Conditions and Low Salary

2023-07-25 14:32:05 By discovering his salary at the time Monday in Sudinfo, (1100 euros per month) many of you were moved by Vivian’s working conditions. With 1100 euros per month, impossible to live. It is obvious. So we went back to see Vivien in her garden in Hamoir to understand a little more “Ryanair hell”. … Read more