Sora, the new ‘deepfake’ factory. Can OpenAI put YouTubers out of work?

“Sam, please don’t make me homeless,” the very popular man told him. youtuber Mr. Beast to the CEO of OpenAI four minutes after he announced Sora, the company’s new artificial intelligence (AI) model for video generation. In a matter of another 20 minutes, the kid asks for a video of a monkey playing chess and, … Read more

The Impact of ChatGPT: Testimonials and Concerns on Artificial Intelligence

2023-11-29 19:53:15 Testimonials Article reserved for subscribers Artificial intelligence: from fascination to concerndossierOn the occasion of the first anniversary of ChatGPT this November 30, users tell “Libé” what the chatbot is changing in their professional practice, from HR to real estate. Halfway between catastrophic prophecies and utopian predictions. “Hello ChatGPT, are you okay?” On November … Read more

Audio Transcription: Huge Performance Improvement for Whisper on Mac

2023-11-28 21:55:07 The stunning Whisper, OpenAI’s language recognition model that faithfully transcribes audio into text, just got a little more stunning thanks to significant technical optimization. whisper.cppits popular port in C/C++, has recently won Full GPU support on Apple Silicon architecture. The result is a drastic improvement in performance. The creator of the application MacWhisper, … Read more

Understanding the Global AI Landscape: Helen Toner’s Journey and Ouster from OpenAI Board

2023-11-26 20:14:06 Artificial intelligence Article reserved for subscribers Artificial intelligence: from fascination to concerndossierThe Australian researcher, a supporter of a slow but sure development of artificial intelligence, was ousted from the company’s board of directors for her role the dismissal of the one whose vision of the AI ​​opposed his. In September 2021, OpenAI has … Read more

The Debate: Is AI a Danger to Humanity? Vote and Share Your Opinion Now!

2023-11-25 17:00:26 The affair of the dismissal and then return of Sam Altman at the head of OpenAI (ChatGPT) highlights a philosophical debate: can AI be a danger for humanity? Tell us in our poll of the week. An image generated by Midjourney with a prompt requesting an artificial intelligence illustration // Source: Frandroid What … Read more

Sam Altman Fired and Reinstated: The Impact on OpenAI and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

2023-11-22 18:59:28 Sam Altman, November 16, 2023, during his participation in the Asia-Pacific Cooperation (Apec) Leaders’ Summit in San Francisco. CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS DECRYPTION – If the company finds its CEO, its structure will be overhauled. Nothing will ever be the same again from the creator of ChatGPT. On Friday, Sam Altman was fired from the … Read more

Dollarama, Microsoft, and Gap: Analyzing Analyst Recommendations and Market Trends

2023-11-21 22:36:04 The number of items sold for more than $3 at Dollarama is increasing. (Photo: 123RF) What to do with titles from Dollarama, Microsoft and Gap? Here are some analyst recommendations likely to move prices soon. Note: the author may have an opinion completely different from that expressed. Dollarama (DOL, $98.57): encouraging preliminary data … Read more