OpenAI announces the arrival of GPT-4, its new artificial intelligence

The GPT language model moves to version 4. OpenAI announced the next generation of its AI, of which version 3.5 gave ChatGPT. It would be much more precise and nuanced, and multimodal. A new version which is however reserved for subscribers for the moment. OpenAI, the firm behind the famous chatbot ChatGPTChatGPT, has just announced … Read more

Microsoft builds supercomputer to power ChatGPT

Microsoft has announced that it has built a new supercomputer to power ChatGPT. After investing $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, the company wanted to build a cutting-edge machine for the AI ​​research startup. However, as reported by Bloomberg, the company didn’t have something that worked for OpenAI and wasn’t sure it could design something … Read more

Apple Watch gets ChatGPT app including watch face complication

The developer Hidde van der Ploeg released the watchGPT app for the Apple Watch on Tuesday. The software can directly via the App Store can be purchased and downloaded for EUR 4.99. The app comes with a complication that allows the application to be launched directly from the watch face. Once the app is open, … Read more

Chatgpt as a free lawyer; 90 lakh rupees were recovered by ‘scaring’ the design company

A CEO shares his experience of helping ChatGPT recover $109,500 (around Rs. 90 lakh) from a defaulting client. Greg Eisenberg, CEO of design agency Late Checkout, shared the story of getting back the money they were entitled to without hiring a lawyer and without spending a single rupee on Twitter. “Imagine not being rewarded by … Read more