Fahriye Afgan in a swimsuit in her latest photo session

2023-08-22 13:13:18 Turkish actress Fahriya Afgan drew attention to her with the latest photo session that she shared on Instagram during the past hours. In the details, Fahriya appeared wearing a bathing suit, contenting herself with placing an emoji of a drop of water on the pictures. Through the comments on the post, some asked … Read more

Justice for Lynn: Uncovering the Truth of a Tragic Crime and Seeking Punishment for the Perpetrators

2023-07-25 11:22:00 After the attorney general of appeal in the North, Judge Matilda Touma, claimed the child Lynn Talib’s maternal grandfather, and her mother, in the file of assaulting her and causing intentional harm, and covering up the crime in relation to the latter, the Lebanese are awaiting on Thursday the date of the first … Read more

Urgent Appeal: Help Secure Funds for Cancer Patient’s X-Ray Session | Act Now to Save a Life

2023-07-24 07:50:00 After repeated humanitarian appeals to help a patient with cancer, via “An-Nahar”, which met with a positive response, today we are launching a new appeal to help secure a sum of money to cover the expenses of the patient’s x-ray session after the deterioration of his health. The patient’s daughter, Diana, stated that … Read more

This is today’s SPORT cover, Friday July 14

2023-07-13 22:26:01 14/07/2023 and las 00:02 CEST “I COME TO WIN”in the words of Iñigo Martínez, is the main headline on today’s front page In addition, follow the mess between Mirotic and Barça to terminate his contract “I come to win” is the great cover of SPORT today, Friday July 14, 2023. The center-back Iñigo … Read more

Discover the Healing Powers of Ginkgo Leaf: Effective Treatment for Circulatory Diseases, Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids, and Leg Ulcers

2023-07-06 05:40:47 Al-Marsad newspaper: Professor of pharmacology, Dr. Jaber Al-Qahtani, revealed the leaves of a famous plant that treats circulatory diseases, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and leg ulcers. Ginkgo leaf Al-Qahtani said, during a tweet that he posted on his Twitter account; Blood circulation He pointed out: the leaves are useful in treating diseases of the … Read more