The doctor said whether eyewitnesses could have helped the motorcyclist who died yesterday in Riga?

He made his findings public in response to a question about whether the people who witnessed the incident and rushed to help the motorcycle driver acted according to the situation. On the evening of Thursday, April 11, the driver of the motorcycle died as a result of a collision between a motorcycle and a car … Read more

4 Foreign Aid Workers and Palestinian Driver Killed in Israeli attack – 2024-04-02 00:28:25

Illustration – Four foreign aid workers and their Palestinian driver were killed in Gaza when an Israeli attack hit their car. (AFP) FOUR foreign aid workers and their Palestinian driver were killed in Gaza when an Israeli strike hit their car, the health ministry in the Hamas-controlled territory said Monday. The ministry said five “martyrs” … Read more

Today they stood there for more than half an hour, speaking in raised voices! Who is right?

“In our house, such smart people block traffic from time to time. They stood there for over half an hour this morning, trying to decide who had the advantage. The discussions were sometimes quite loud. But what about the rules in this case?” writes the Riga woman. Journalists contacted driving instructor Werner Prances from the … Read more “They fined me for nothing, and they also called me a sucker”

While going about his daily business, Ervin often drives along the Gustav Zemgala overpass in Riga. Moving towards the VEF area, during traffic jams, leaving the overpass, you often shorten the path to Brivibas Street, passing through the parking lot near the Elkor Plaza supermarket. Many drivers do this. This shortening of the road is … Read more “I can’t believe this is written by a doctor”

“I hope that local authorities will continue to ignore the recommendations of these sensitive people. What is more important – the sleep of a few people or the thousands of inspired children and young people turning to sports? – Furmanis wrote, commenting on a woman’s post and video that, in her opinion, Ghetto Games events … Read more

“A Quiet Place” Filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods Speak Out About New Sci-Fi Film “65” Starring Adam Driver – Beck/Woods, Iowa natives, launching a cinema in downtown Davenport

2023-03-15 07:00:00 Bettendorf natives Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the Hollywood duo behind “A Quiet Place,” are back with a new sci-fi film “65” starring Adam Driver. A duo of Iowa filmmakers is bringing the Heartland to Hollywood. Bettendorf natives Scott Beck and Bryan Woods of production company Beck/Woodsthe pair of childhood best friends behind … Read more