“Explosion in Milan: Van carrying oxygen cylinders causes fire and damages buildings”

2023-05-11 12:37:00 (Str/Xinhua) ROME, May 11 (Xinhua) — At least one person was injured after a violent explosion in central Milan in Italy on Thursday, local media reported. According to public broadcaster RAI, a fire broke out after a van carrying oxygen cylinders exploded in the Porta Romana district, igniting at least four parked vehicles … Read more

Contrast Notes 24 Years of the KKA Intersection Tragedy in Aceh

2023-05-03 14:44:12 Merdeka.com – It has been 24 years since the mass shooting incident at the KKA intersection, North Aceh, has passed. Until now, this tragedy is still remembered as one of the past cases of gross human rights violations in Aceh that have not yet been resolved. The incident, better known as the KKA … Read more

A 23-year-old man almost died in Grodno – he fell asleep in a garage with a running car

At 8.39 am, an eyewitness reported to the operational service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations that smoke was coming out of the garage. After 4 minutes, the first fire brigades arrived at the scene. Inside, firefighters found a 23-year-old man who was in a running Opel Vectra. The victim was immediately taken outside and … Read more

A strange incident occurred in a Lebanese hospital… Here is what happened

The representative of “Lebanon 24” reported that a family in Sidon received the body of another man, in place of her missing M.S., and they did not discover this until after the body was transported to the house when they decided to take a last look at it. The body was taken back to the … Read more

TNI Submits Fire Investigation Process at Salak Bogor Hospital to Police

Merdeka.com – An investigation into the fire at the Salak Hospital in Bogor was carried out to determine the exact cause of the incident. Commander of Korem (Danrem) 061/Surya Kencana (SK) Brig TNI Rudi Saladin entrusted the investigation to the forensic laboratory center (Puslabfor) of the National Police Headquarters. “So today we are continuing the … Read more

President of “Earth Sciences Society” Unveils Fiery Sealed Sea and Recounts 15-Year-Old Incident

Dr. Abdullah Al-Omari, the President of the Saudi Society for Earth Sciences, has stated that the Red Sea is scientifically proven to be burning with fire, which is also mentioned in a prophetic hadith. During an interview with the “Al-Liwan” program on the Gulf Rotana channel, he explained that the sea referred to in the … Read more