Damaged Door After Police Search: Residents Left With Repair Costs and Uncertainty

2023-10-09 11:31:49 This situation stems from a police search which took place at dawn on September 1, targeting a man suspected of drug trafficking. Police had to break down the front door to gain access to the building, leaving residents with a damaged door and a faulty intercom system. The repair costs amount to 9,000 … Read more

Vandalism or Damage to the Montefiore Fountain: Uncovering the Truth at Rue Neuvice in Liège

2023-07-29 14:05:36 The Montefiore fountain at the entrance to rue Neuvice in Liège was vandalized or damaged overnight from Friday to Saturday Act of vandalism or accident? Be that as it may, the Montéfiore fountain at the entrance to Rue Neuvice is now completely dismantled! Shopkeepers and local residents are fed up with these damages, … Read more