The ‘Peregrino’ ship, damaged on its way to the Moon, will crash into the Earth | Science

The lunar module Pilgrim returns to Earth, but to disintegrate forever along with all the objects it was carrying, from NASA scientific tools to the mortal remains of former US presidents. The device suffered a breakdown after the rocket Vulcan He set him on his way to his destination on January 8. This “anomaly,” as … Read more

25% of Indian onion buffer stocks may have been damaged, says official

2023-12-11 15:04:29 The Centre has said its decision to increase the procurement of onions for the buffer stock and simultaneous sales at subsidised rates has helped contain the all-India average price below ₹60/kg. Otherwise, it could have touched ₹100/kg this year due to a production shortfall. The statement comes amidst farmers’ protest in Maharashtra against … Read more

Train and Truck Collision in Ardoye: Latest Updates and Video Coverage

2023-11-18 08:20:12 A violent collision took place this Tuesday between a train and a truck in Ardoye, West Flanders. The circumstances of the accident are now known. Belga By Sudinfo with Belga Published on 11/15/2023 at 4:53 p.m. The driver of the truck that collided with a train at a level crossing in Ardoye on … Read more

Recent Explosions in [Neighborhood Name]: Uncovering Potential Suspects and Drug-Related Violence

2023-09-15 20:11:49 In this neighborhood, three potential suspects were arrested even if the investigation did not reveal whether they had any connection with the facts. In most homes, damage is limited to broken glass and shutters. The street still remains closed to traffic. The SEDEE mine clearance service is on site for the necessary findings. … Read more

Massive Car Accident in Rue de Cuesmes, Jemappes: A Weekend of Chaos and Destruction

2023-08-21 11:29:01 A weekend to forget for the residents of rue de Cuesmes in Jemappes. This Sunday, around 9:45 p.m., a car heading towards Cuesmes collided with a vehicle parked in the opposite direction. A domino effect ensued. The impact propelled the car against the one parked behind, which hit the one parked behind… A … Read more

Atlas vs. América Liga MX Femenil Match Suspended and Rescheduled due to Electrical Storm and Field Damage

2023-08-15 03:37:00 The match between Atlas and América was officially suspended and will be rescheduled to be able to hold the match corresponding to Matchday 5 of the Liga MX Femenil. An electrical storm deprived of being able to start the meeting between Rojinegras and Águilas; it later affected a section of the field that … Read more

Vandalism or Damage to the Montefiore Fountain: Uncovering the Truth at Rue Neuvice in Liège

2023-07-29 14:05:36 The Montefiore fountain at the entrance to rue Neuvice in Liège was vandalized or damaged overnight from Friday to Saturday Act of vandalism or accident? Be that as it may, the Montéfiore fountain at the entrance to Rue Neuvice is now completely dismantled! Shopkeepers and local residents are fed up with these damages, … Read more

The Conspicuous Horse Chestnut in Remagen Square: Damage, Reconstruction & Preservation Efforts

2023-06-04 08:00:00 The conspicuous Horse Chestnut in Remagen Square was badly damaged during the re-positioning of the tank at the Patton monument a few days ago. “The company in charge of setting up the float used the tree as a point of support during the pulling operation despite the contrary opinion issued by the City … Read more