Anonymous Witness Ready to Testify about Shocking Incident

2023-12-04 19:06:58 Our witness does not want his name to appear in the press. But left his contact information with the bus driver and is ready to testify to law enforcement about what he saw, if asked. of videos He said he was very shocked by the violence of an incident “to which we cannot … Read more

Defective DATS24 Station in Dour: More than 70 Motorists Affected – What Happened?

2023-12-01 05:45:00 Remember, on August 14, we explained to you that more than 70 motorists had encountered problems with their vehicles after refueling at the DATS 24 station in Dour. Most aggrieved customers had no choice but to send their cars in for repairs. The cause of the problem was finally announced by DATS 24. … Read more

Unsolved Mystery: The 13-Year-Old Hole in the Middle of a Roundabout in Couillet

2023-11-24 05:22:00 In Couillet, four small streets, namely those of Marcinelle, du Village, des Cantines or even Saint-Laurent, all lead to a small square, or a large crossroads depending on, without any particular name. There, we cannot miss the barriers which somehow form a small circle. As we approach, we notice that they surround a … Read more

Unmasking the Modus Operandi: Understanding and Preventing Repeat Offenders in the Neufchâteau Region

2023-11-21 09:00:00 **** ****** ** ** **** **** ** ********* ******* ********** ** ********* ** ****** *** ******** ** ********* *** *********** ******* ** ******* ***** ** ** ********* ****** ***** ******** ********** ***** ************ ********* ***** **** ** ************ ** ****** ***** ** **** ** ****** Read also A repeat pedophile, the old neighbor, … Read more

Train and Truck Collision in Ardoye: Latest Updates and Video Coverage

2023-11-18 08:20:12 A violent collision took place this Tuesday between a train and a truck in Ardoye, West Flanders. The circumstances of the accident are now known. Belga By Sudinfo with Belga Published on 11/15/2023 at 4:53 p.m. The driver of the truck that collided with a train at a level crossing in Ardoye on … Read more

Renovation and Transformation Project in Malaga: Focus on the Amended Project

2023-11-05 04:00:00 The project in question is carried out by a Spanish operator from the Malaga region. This is a “corrected” version. As a reminder, the first version did not meet the conditions issued by the Hainaut-Est emergency zone. Focus on the amended project An overview of the project. – FB/Asymmetry The operation here consists … Read more