Dengue Virus and Qdenga Vaccine: Information, Recommendations, and Updates

2023-12-02 10:11:00 The Qdenga vaccine can be used to vaccinate people who have already had a first dengue infection. The viral infection must have been confirmed by laboratory diagnostics. People aged four and over are vaccinated. Stiko and DTG published the information on Thursday. The vaccination involves two doses, the second of which is administered … Read more

Challenges of Immunization in Lebanon: Impact of Economic Crisis and Pandemic on Child Vaccination Rates

2023-11-28 12:59:00 The medical sector has not been able to catch its breath since the beginning of the Corona pandemic until today, and it continues to be exhausted despite all desperate attempts to revive it and regain its previous position. In light of the talk about the spread of respiratory viruses and the World Health … Read more

English Retiree Exposes 50% Price Increase in Low-Cost Supermarket “Poundstretcher”

2023-10-25 11:01:15 Joyce Deacon, an English retiree, was offended to see prices increase by more than 50%! However, it is a store supposed to be “low-cost” and affordable, which the retiree denounces. AFP By Sudinfo Published on 10/24/2023 at 7:25 p.m. Joyce Deacon, 73, a retiree from the south of England, revolted at the prices … Read more

Rising Concern: Possible Spread of Dengue Fever in Europe and USA

2023-10-07 19:32:00 On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a possible spread of dengue fever in parts of Europe. The virus could soon become native to Europe. Typically, mosquito species that transmit dengue fever are mainly found in tropical regions of Asia, South America and Africa. However, global warming is making new areas … Read more

The School Year Calendar 2023-2024: Important Dates and Holidays in Wallonia-Brussels Federation

2023-09-02 06:18:25 Published on Monday, August 21, 2023 at 08:56 This is therefore the second time that the start of the new school year has been set for the end of August, following in this the reform of school timetables decided by the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and implemented by the Minister for Education, … Read more

Dissemination of Private Videos: Understanding the Legal Consequences and Protecting Your Privacy

2023-08-18 02:42:50 A woman surnamed Liao passed on her sister-in-law’s extramarital sex videos to other relatives and friends to watch, and was sentenced to 3 months in prison. (Picture/schematic diagram, flipped from pixabay) Dissemination of private videos indiscriminately, beware of violating the law! A woman surnamed Lin in Changhua discovered that her husband was having … Read more

First Case of H1N2v Infection in the United States Linked to Pigs

2023-08-15 16:21:11 In the United States, a patient with influenza (flu), which is presumed to be caused by pigs, has occurred. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on the 11th (local time) that a case of human infection by the ‘novel influenza A strain (H1N2v) virus’ was reported from the US International Health Regulations (IHR) … Read more

Major Fire Breaks Out on rue des Près: Six Homes Damaged, Immediate Assistance on Site

2023-08-14 12:54:54 A fire broke out on rue des Près in Montrœul-sur-Haine on Monday afternoon. Gray smoke is visible for two kilometers around. And for good reason: already six homes are affected by fire. It is mainly the roofs that are damaged. Help is on the spot. – TD Several houses affected. -DR Fortunately, no … Read more