Video – Criticism of Miss France because of her short hair

2023-12-19 23:26:32 In a move that sparked widespread controversy, the new Miss France, Eve Gilles, was chosen to have short hair, something that had not happened in the competition for nearly 100 years. This step sparked sharp criticism from some observers who were surprised by the mechanism for selecting the country’s Miss Beauty Queen.The young … Read more

After news of his entry into the golden cage… Did the Lebanese director reconcile with his wife? (picture)

2023-12-19 16:50:43 According to Fuchsia information, director Saeed Al-Marouk has reconciled with his wife, Jihan Geji. She indicated that the two parties agreed to turn the page on the past and put an end to the disputes that occurred between them recently and reached the courts. Al-Marouk and his wife are trying to provide a … Read more

From two different religions…a famous Lebanese artist asked his wife to convert to Islam, and this is what she did

2023-12-18 05:58:28 Artist Wael Jassar participated in the “Zaman” program with media personality Raghida Shalhoub on LBCI. Shalhoub asked her guest about his married life, where he talked about his wife and the mother of his children, Mireille, with whom he shares great love. Wael explained that he met Mireille in his early twenties and … Read more

Mohamed Ramadan sends a message to a Lebanese star: Your words are a medal on my chest

2023-12-11 22:14:07 The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, posted on his Instagram account a video clip from an interview with the artist, Walid Tawfiq, during which he talked about Ramadan and his agreement to work with him on any artistic project because he is talented and an international artist. Ramadan sent a message of thanks to the … Read more

In pictures – “Not only about Christmas”…and the returning joy

2023-12-09 22:29:44 Source: Writer: Pierre Al-Bayeh Joy returned to its source. With this phrase, we can summarize the play “Not Just About Christmas,” which was launched by the “brothers Farid and Maher Al-Sabbagh” at the George V Theater in Adonis. It is true that the work is specific to Christmas and inspired by the … Read more

Challenges of Immunization in Lebanon: Impact of Economic Crisis and Pandemic on Child Vaccination Rates

2023-11-28 12:59:00 The medical sector has not been able to catch its breath since the beginning of the Corona pandemic until today, and it continues to be exhausted despite all desperate attempts to revive it and regain its previous position. In light of the talk about the spread of respiratory viruses and the World Health … Read more

Black Sea Depression: Unstable Weather and Storm Updates for Lebanon –

2023-11-26 07:45:04 Source: LBCI Writer: Joe Al-Qarih Subscribe to our Youtube Channel CLICK HERE A violent depression is centered over the Black Sea with a very low value of 975 hpa, leading to unstable weather in vast areas surrounding the Black Sea, passing through Turkey and reaching the eastern Mediterranean. The depression began to … Read more

It cost $50 million…the wedding of the century raises a storm of controversy

2023-11-25 21:19:00 Source: Al-Jadeed During the past hours, many social media users have been busy with videos of what was described as the “wedding of the century” between American Madeleine Brockway and her boyfriend, Jacob LaGrone. The legendary wedding, which took place in the French capital, Paris, cost more than $50 million, as the two … Read more