Al-Nasr Maayoun..and this player was treated with ruqyah after his treatment failed in France • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sports critic Saud Al-Sarami said that Al-Nasr Club is supported by some media professionals and critics. Al-Sarami explained through the “My Experience with Behind My File” program: “Some media professionals frequently repeated the phrase (the one who gave victory gives us), after a commentator said it during the Al-Tai match, and linked this … Read more

After losing 70% of her hair.. The famous Lebanese singer announces her recovery from breast cancer, and this is what she is preparing for

After a year-long treatment journey, actress Dina Hayek announced her victory over breast cancer. Hayek revealed, during her appearance on the “Hadith al-Balad” program, that she underwent, for a whole year, about 20 radiation therapy sessions and 16 chemotherapy sessions, through which she was able to fight this disease, defeat it and gradually return to … Read more

Nabila Obaid talks about her disagreement with Nadia El-Gendy, and this is what she revealed

The Egyptian actress, Nabila Ebeid, spoke about the nature of her relationship with her colleague, the Egyptian actress, Nadia El-Gendy, as she pointed out that she reconciled with her after years of disagreements. During her speech on the sidelines of the activities of the seventh session of the Aswan Women’s Film Festival, Ebeid said: “The … Read more

After the news of his civil marriage to a Moroccan woman.. Wael Kfoury breaks his silence, and this is what he said (video)

For the first time, the artist Wael Kfoury broke his silence and commented on the rumor of his marriage to Moroccan Magda Alimos, his first lover, a civilian in Cyprus, on the twenty-third of last February.. Wael said in a brief statement to the channel MTV At the end of his concert in the Dominican … Read more

A study reveals the “unexpected” benefits of eating strawberries, and this is what happens to your body when you drink two and a half cups of them daily

Al-Marsad newspaper: A study issued by the Global Burden of Disease Index revealed the benefits of eating strawberries on heart health. Noting that eating a small cup of strawberries daily can improve cardiovascular health. “It is essential that diets include sufficient amounts of fruit and take into account diversity,” said Professor Brett Burton Freeman, a … Read more

The port file is submitted to the US State Department.. and this is what is expected

US Ambassador Dorothy Shea did not issue any clarification regarding the uproar that arose about “Washington’s pressure to release the defendant in the file of the Lebanese-American Beirut port explosion, Muhammad Ziyad Al-Awf,” the head of the Security and Safety Department at the port, and who is supposed to be the most prominent possessor of … Read more