Ethiopian Worker’s Tragic Suicide Attempt and Appalling Abuse: Urgent Call for Justice

2023-09-23 18:26:00
This morning, an Ethiopian worker attempted to commit suicide on the Chtaura International Road by throwing herself between cars as a result of the tragedy she was experiencing inside her employer’s home in the Bekaa.

With a signal from the Appeals Public Prosecutor in the Bekaa, Judge Munif Barakat, the worker will be handed over to a social care center in Beirut, to take care of her mental and physical health, after her suffering as a result of the severe beating she was subjected to with a rope by her employer, according to what she told the National News Agency.

The worker escaped yesterday morning from her employer’s house in Terbol, and after she was found, she was returned home despite an explanation of her suffering. Then she escaped again this morning, and was found completely naked on the Chtaura road.

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