She celebrated her birthday with her family.. This is Nadine Al-Rassi’s mother’s gift to her on her birthday and what her father said, influential (video)

2023-09-09 04:40:47 Lebanese artist Nadine Al Rassi celebrated her 44th birthday with her family. Nadine shared with her followers on her account, via the short stories feature on her Instagram account, a video clip of the celebration atmosphere. Nadine appeared in the video very happy with her father and mother, who greeted her with touching … Read more

Former Saudi Football Star Nayef Hazazi Celebrates Birthday in Stadium | Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-07 18:57:45 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip documented Nayef Hazazi, the former Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad player, celebrating the football player’s birthday inside a stadium. In the clip, Hazazi appears in a football stadium, and celebrates with one of the players, among a group of her friends on the field. And it appears in the … Read more

Addressing the Societal Causes of Murder, Rape, and Psycho-Social Diseases: A Critical Examination

2023-07-22 08:37:00 Five-year-old Lynn Talib died of severe bleeding, which resulted from repeated sexual assaults. Before her death, Lynn was in the house of her mother, who is separated from her father. She usually moves between her mother’s house in Miniyeh and her father’s family’s house in Akkar. After her mother took her to the … Read more

Watch..a veiled content creator sings with her voice “We’re Back After You Were Far Away” by artist Khaled Abdel Rahman and admires her followers

2023-07-11 21:57:09 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A content creator, Bushra Al-Harbi, published a video clip of her on TikTok while performing a song by the artist “Khaled Abdel Rahman”, and impressed the followers. Bushra Al-Harbi appeared in the video while performing the song “We came back after you were far away while you were far away”, by … Read more

Ruwaida Attia celebrates her birthday and reveals her age… This is what her son did (video)

2023-07-03 03:00:40 Actress Ruwaida Attia celebrated her birthday in her own way, away from the spotlight, noting that her real age is 41 years. Attia published a video clip via the “Snapchat” application, during which she appeared while she was sitting in a cafe and blowing out her New Year’s candle to the sound of … Read more

The Rise of Germany’s Far-Right Party AfD: Alarming Polls and Growing Support

2023-06-09 21:50:00 BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s far-right anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) is gaining support in polls, raising alarm among major parties. He is on track to win elections in three eastern German states by calling for a block on immigration and criticizing green policies as costly. Germany’s far-right anti-immigration party, the Alternative for … Read more