Egypt Gas Company Addresses Foul Odor Emergency in Smart Village, Giza Governorate

2023-11-22 11:52:54
A foul smell in the vicinity of the smart village in the Abu Rawash area in Giza Governorate caused the evacuation of the village and caused anxiety among the workers inside it.

Civil protection forces in Giza moved to the Smart Village area after the spread of foul odors suspected of being a gas leak, and the forces also ordered the evacuation of the surrounding areas.

Ambulances transported a number of employees to hospitals surrounding the area, to receive the necessary treatment.

Official sources reported that there were no deaths, as some claim.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, 19 people suffered from suffocation as a result of this odor leaking into the village’s drain complex.

The Egypt Gas Company explained that there is no gas leak in the Smart Village area or its surrounding areas, and that the widespread smell is specific to the odorous substances that are added to natural gas and which are transported from the designated stores belonging to the Egypt Gas Company in the Abu Rawash area. (Russia Today)

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