Watch.. the last appearance of the Kuwaiti artist Jawaher in a wheelchair before her death.. and this is what she asked of her fans

2023-11-01 15:34:12

Al-Marsad newspaper: The public and fans of the Kuwaiti artist Jawaher were shocked by the news of her death a few hours ago, at the age of 45, after a painful journey with stomach cancer.

Social media pioneers circulated a video clip of Jawaher a month and a half before her death, while she was leaving the hospital after undergoing surgery in London, due to severe bleeding.

The Kuwaiti artist appeared in a wheelchair, with signs of fatigue and severe weight loss on her face, as she appeared at that time with different features than she was before.

Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti expressed her happiness at being released from the hospital and said in the video that she posted at the time on her account: “O God, praise and thanks be to you always and forever… I thank everyone for asking about me. I have not fallen short in the balance of your deeds, O Lord, and praise be to God in every case… O God, there is no objection to your prayers for me. The bleeding will stop so that I can complete my doses, God willing.”

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