Watch.. Muhammad Ramadan wanders bare-chested on the back of a camel in the streets of America and raises controversy

2023-05-18 03:38:19 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, sparked controversy after appearing topless and riding a camel in the streets of the American city of Miami. Ramadan was wearing a head scarf and headband, and he appeared topless in loose pants adorned with a set of necklaces and golden chains, and covered his eyes … Read more

After arousing anger for its “content” .. the Algerian series “Al-Dama” is “the highest” in the vote

2023-05-13 09:53:06 ) A poll conducted by the “ET in Arabic” program showed that the Algerian series “Al-Dama”, which was shown in Ramadan 2023, had the highest viewership. Despite the vote, the series “Al-Dama” sparked widespread controversy when it was shown, because of its “insult to the values ​​and customs of Algerians,” according to its … Read more

“Haramain Train Services in Makkah: Over 800,000 Pilgrims Served During Ramadan”

2023-04-28 04:02:54 Makkah: Haramain train services used during Ramadan 8.18 lakh pilgrims. 2,540 trips across five stations Visited by Kar. There is an increase of 265 percent over the same period last year. . Saudi-Spanish Train Pro, operator of Haramain High Speed ​​Railway Jointly with the project company and related government agencies S. A. R. … Read more

“US Embassy in Sudan Closed and Diplomats Evacuated Amid Heavy Fighting: Latest Updates”

2023-04-23 04:21:36 DIn view of the heavy fighting in Sudan, the USA has withdrawn its government employees from the country and closed the US embassy in the capital Khartoum. All US diplomats and their families were successfully brought to safety, the White House and the US State Department said on Sunday night. US President Joe … Read more

Prices continue to rise, but the end of Ramadan is celebrated | Economy

2023-04-21 20:21:38 21 apr 2023 om 17:08Update: 3 uur geleden This week, Muslims worldwide close Ramadan with Eid-al-Fitr, also known as Eid al-Fitr in the Netherlands. Many Muslims celebrate by donating money to charity and eating with family and friends. How will the party be celebrated this year, now that life is so expensive due … Read more

Editorial staff of VB.KG congratulates Kyrgyzstanis on Orozo Ait

2023-04-21 08:00:29 Dear Kyrgyzstanis! Editorial VB.KG congratulates you on the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the holiday of Orozo Ait! We wish good, prosperity, health, peace to all of us! May all your good deeds and signs of mercy be rewarded with peace, happiness, love and prosperity. May the Orozo Ait holiday … Read more