Mohamed Ramadan sends a message to a Lebanese star: Your words are a medal on my chest

2023-12-11 22:14:07
The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, posted on his Instagram account a video clip from an interview with the artist, Walid Tawfiq, during which he talked about Ramadan and his agreement to work with him on any artistic project because he is talented and an international artist.

Ramadan sent a message of thanks to the Lebanese artist. He wrote, commenting on the video: “The great star Walid Tawfiq, your words are a medal on my chest and a certificate that I am proud of. My greetings to you and the beloved Lebanese people. May you always be pure in heart and honest in your words.”

Walid Tawfiq confirmed during the “Book of Fame” program that he previously stated that the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan will have an important position in the artistic community and will become an international star, revealing that he agrees to participate in starring in a movie if he is offered that.

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