China finds ‘new mineral’ from moon, transparent and colorless

Friday (Sept. 9) China Space Administration and the Atomic Energy Agency of China Jointly announced that Chinese scientists have discovered a new mineral from the moon. Through research on lunar samples collected by China’s Chang’e-5 mission. Dong Baotong, Deputy Director of the Office The ore is a new type of mineral that China first discovered … Read more

What NASA’s Mars Eclipse Video Reveals | Perseverance | Phobos | Moon

[The Epoch Times, September 1, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Linda compiled and reported) Humanity is reminded from time to time that our planet is extraordinary in many ways. And now a newest reminder comes from the neighbor next door—Mars。 similar to the earth,MarsIt also experiences moments when its satellites cast shadows on the surface.However, by … Read more

The lunar orbiter, ‘Danuri’, headed for the sun, turns toward the moon on the 2nd of next month: Dong-A Science

3rd trajectory manual maneuver … “Counted as an important maneuver” Korea’s first lunar orbital probe ‘Danuri’ was separated from the projectile 40 minutes after launch on the 5th. After that, it succeeded in first communication with the ground station at 9:40, about an hour and a half after launch. The image shows the separation from … Read more

[프리미엄 리포트] The first sprouts grown on the lunar soil, what will happen after 6 days: Dong-A Science

UF/IFAS photo by Tyler Jones 제공 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is preparing a ‘Artemis’ plan to land humans on the moon around 2025. Manned lunar exploration resumed after about 50 years. Research to obtain information about the lunar environment is in full swing. In early August, South Korea plans to launch an … Read more

US ready to return to the moon for the first time in 50 years

“Back to the moon After that, it’s on Mars!!” Executives of the American Space Agency orNASA Said on the 50th anniversary of the United States deserted by exploring the moon. Earth’s satellite planets, and in 2022 they will return to the moon again. return to the moon It is a space operative on the “Artemis … Read more

Important missions for space exploration are imposed on 10 microsatellites that “share” on the lunar exploration mission “Artemis 1” |

The sail is thinner than aluminum foil and coated with highly reflective aluminum. It’s like food wrap, but it’s not sticky, says Johnson. The “sail” of this satellite does not receive the wind like a ship on the sea, but converts light into propulsion. When light reflects off the sail, a small amount of energy … Read more