The intellectual maquis of Timothée Mémey –

Today, big banditry in the neighborhoods. Good reading ! These last decades have been hell for the inhabitants of Gabon who are experiencing psychosis. Gabonese cities are gradually transforming into veritable urban jungles where the strongest “eat” the weakest. Libreville and Port-Gentil, the two capitals, are a good example of this insecurity which, every day, … Read more

The Ramadan break –

Taking stock of the working day within the commissions and sub-committees, in his traditional press briefing on Tuesday, the spokesperson for the inclusive national dialogue, Mgr Jean Bernard Asseko Mve, indicated that the work will take a break on Wednesday to resume Thursday April 11 at usual hours. In his communication, the spokesperson for the … Read more

78% men compared to only 22% women, fumes Dr Nicole Assélé –

Speaking in her capacity as president of the feminist movement ”Appel des mille et une”, Dr Nicole Assélé challenges the organizers of the inclusive national dialogue on ”the arrogant over-representation of men”, according to her own words, at the Angondjé conference, the work of which in committees and sub-committees actually began last Monday. With magnifying … Read more

The satisfaction of the works office –

The inclusive national dialogue (DNI) actually got to the heart of the matter on Monday, with the start of work in committees and sub-committees at the Sino-Gabonese cooperation stage in Angondjé. The working methodology and the different themes to be addressed, as well as the useful information, are gradually disseminated and broken down by the … Read more

16 years in prison for Juldas Tchibinda Tchibouela –

She was only 12 years old at the time of the events, in April 2021 in a district of Port-Gentil when she was raped by Juldas Tchibinda Tchibouela, a Gabon-Congolese man aged over thirty. She is Urma T, the granddaughter of Lady Nathalie Tchikaya who is the wife of the defendant’s uncle. She was the … Read more

rescheduled for April 20 –

The resumption of the national men’s and women’s football championship is rescheduled for April 20 after the failure of March 30, announced the Minister of Sports, André Jacques Augand at the end of a meeting on Friday with the presidents of the football clubs. The competition will take place from April to August, i.e. for … Read more

Only nineteen (19) days of work, always questions and annoyances –

It is in reality Monday April 8, 2024 that the work of the inclusive national dialogue itself begins, if we stick to the operational calendar, made public last Wednesday by Mgr Jean Bernard Asseko Mve, spokesperson for the said meetings. Nineteen days to rethink Gabon and project it into the future. More than six hundred … Read more

30 graves gutted by a large tree uprooted by the hurricane –

Lalala cemetery in Libreville: 30 graves gutted by a large tree uprooted by the hurricane – Skip to content The violent stormy rain which fell in Libreville on the night of March 28 to 29 did not spare the Lalala cemetery, the largest in the Gabonese capital. This uprooted, according to the Libreville Town Hall, … Read more