Only nineteen (19) days of work, always questions and annoyances –

It is in reality Monday April 8, 2024 that the work of the inclusive national dialogue itself begins, if we stick to the operational calendar, made public last Wednesday by Mgr Jean Bernard Asseko Mve, spokesperson for the said meetings. Nineteen days to rethink Gabon and project it into the future.

More than six hundred (600) delegates to the dialogue have known since Friday in which committees and sub-committees they are called to bring their expertise and know-how to the Gabon of tomorrow.

Three (3) commissions were therefore set up (politics, economics and social), bringing together a total of twelve (12) equally distributed sub-committees. The sub-committees on political regime and institutions, national sovereignty, rights and freedoms, reforms and organization of the State are under the supervision of the political committee. For its part, the economic commission oversees the economy/finance, equipment/infrastructure/TP, employment and agriculture/environment subcommittees.

4 sub-committees also for the social commission: training, well-being, cultural heritage/values ​​and youth and sports.

It is therefore through these different commissions and sub-committees that the delegates will have to express themselves on the words and the ills which overwhelm Gabon and provide effective and efficient therapies. They are also called upon for this purpose to review no less than thirty-eight thousand (38,000) contributions previously made by Gabonese people from here and elsewhere.

Agenda on the run

It is an understatement to say that the project is immense for all the commissioners and delegates to this dialogue, as the expectations are numerous and legitimate among the Gabonese populations who wish to turn the page on a Gabon which has remained almost in the wake of the progress of the world, over the last 50 years, in most vital sectors and in terms of freedoms.

And yet it is within this relatively short period of time that the major maneuvers must take place, the inclusive national dialogue having given itself the ambition to deal with everything. Between Monday 8 (effective start of work in committees and sub-committees) and Saturday April 27, 2024 (date of adoption of the final report of the inclusive national dialogue), the time allotted ultimately leaves only nineteen (19) days of work and no longer almost a month as initially announced.

All in all, almost an entire week (the one that is ending) was lost, whatever people say, for various conveniences and questions of practical organization of the dialogue that a dedicated commission would have had the mission to resolve in upstream, without encroaching on the time assigned to the work, from April 2 to 30, 2024.

It is also no secret that there is not great serenity, even inside the boxes of the Angondjé stadium and outside where there is no shortage of recriminations against the organizers. .

An internal atmosphere and an environment which risk, if we are careful, to vitiate the working climate and place heavy constraints on the expected results.

Féeodora Madiba

2024-04-05 14:07:13
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