Fofo Márquez smiles when he is arrested for hitting a woman in Naucalpan (Videos)

TOLUCA, Edomex. (apro).- The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) confirmed the arrest of influencer Rodolfo “N”, alias Fofo Márquez, for allegedly hitting a woman in Naucalpan, resulting from a road incident.

The victim indicated that her attacker’s annoyance arose when she, while parking in a shopping center located in San Mateo, gave a small blow to one of the mirrors of the content creator’s vehicle.

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Rodolfo “N”. Arrested

Although she told her that they would call the insurance to evaluate and pay for the damages, Rodolfo “N” began to hit her and kicked her until she began to bleed from her face.

Witnesses report that Fofo Márquez – who in his networks and videos boasts of being a millionaire and shows a life of excess – threw the woman to the ground to kick her, so that two men had to intervene to defend her.

Social media users viralized a video in which the now detained man, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and red shorts, is seen kicking one of the men who came to the woman’s aid.

Immediately afterwards, the social media content creator ran towards his vehicle, which was already heading towards the exit, and took off at his signal to flee.

In another of the videos shared by netizens, the victim can be seen, while she is helped by a person in a red shirt, who wipes the blood from her face.

Hours later, the influencer was arrested by elements of the Investigative Police, with the collaboration of the Commission for the Attention to the Crime of Intentional Homicide (CONAHO) and the Naucalpan Police. When photographed, he smiled. Smiling. Photo: yellowalarcon

Later, he was transferred to the Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center of Tlalnepantla, where he was placed at the disposal of the jurisdictional authority to determine his legal situation. He transferred to Tlalnepantla. Photo: FGJ

Another arrest and threat from the CJNG

The influencer’s problems with justice are not new. In 2022, Fofo Márquez and his friends published a video on TikTok to brag that they closed, with luxury cars, the Matute Remus bridge in Guadalajara.

Due to the fact, the municipality filed a complaint against the influencer for the crime of attacking communication routes. The prosecutor’s office prosecuted the file and asked the judge to charge him.

However, the judge referred the matter to Alternative Methods, and it was agreed that the influencer would make a donation of 35 thousand pesos in kind to the Villas Miravalle children’s home of the DIF Guadalajara, no later than August 31, 2022.

In addition, he did 12 hours of community work over the next three days, sweeping under the Matute Remus bridge, wearing an orange vest.

In Facebook groups and other social networks, an alleged message from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) circulated against the influencer for having closed the passage.

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