between 3 and 5 billion FCFA to organize the national dialogue –

Gabon has planned a budget ranging from 3 to 5 billion FCFA to organize the inclusive national dialogue expected next April as a crucial step in the transition underway in the country since August 30. The announcement was made on Radio France Internationale (RFI) by the Gabonese Minister of Institutional Reform, Murielle Minkoué Mintsa. “Any … Read more

Former JICA intern commits food guidance sheet to raise awareness about junk food in Gabon –

The former intern of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Françoise Mbang Obame, also a public health executive engineer at the National Program for the Fight against Noncommunicable Diseases, has, at the end of an investigation carried out in the various schools in Gabon, produced a food guidance sheet to raise awareness among populations about … Read more

Afrijet and Air France enter into a profitable partnership for their customers –

The first airline in the CEMAC area, Afrijet, and the European leader in air transport, Air France, have just implemented a new product which will now allow any passenger in transit in Libreville to another local or regional destination to have only one transport ticket. This inclusive product will make it possible to have a … Read more

no hiring in progress at SOGARA (denial) –

The Société Gabonaise de Raffinage (SOGARA) in a press release denied the announcement inviting job seekers to apply during a recruitment campaign launched by the company. « We would like to inform the public that SOGARA is in no way the origin of this publication and that we have not, to date, launched any recruitment … Read more

Washington willing to provide support for the success of the Transition –

The United States Ambassador to Gabon, Vernelle Trim Fitzpatrick, went Tuesday to the office of the President of the Transition, Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguéma to reaffirm the support of the American administration in the success of the current transition in Gabon. « The support offered as part of the Transition demonstrates the friendship between our … Read more

competition results hotly contested –

Those who failed the national police entrance exam are probably playing the sore loser, but the arguments they raise suggest that something very fishy happened before the results of this competition were published. There were more than 10,000 applicants. Ultimately, 2,532 candidates were declared admitted, i.e. 1,328 in the non-commissioned officer category and 1,204 for … Read more

Perenco “looking” for little geniuses to recruit –

The oil company Perenco oil & gas Gabon (POGG), currently number one in oil production in Gabon, carried out for two weeks a vast information campaign on its ambitious program (started in 2019) of total management of the studies of future engineers, the best of whom will be automatically recruited by this company. The campaign … Read more

Mays Mouissi accused of encouraging smoking in Gabon –

The NGO SOS Tabagisme Gabon says it is particularly outraged and saddened to note that the Minister of Economy and Participation, the renowned economist, Mays Mouissi, has had a finance law passed in parliament which lowers the tax on tobacco. « It is unimaginable that the Minister of the Economy who comes from Europe where … Read more