16 years in prison for Juldas Tchibinda Tchibouela –

She was only 12 years old at the time of the events, in April 2021 in a district of Port-Gentil when she was raped by Juldas Tchibinda Tchibouela, a Gabon-Congolese man aged over thirty. She is Urma T, the granddaughter of Lady Nathalie Tchikaya who is the wife of the defendant’s uncle.

She was the regular victim of acts of sexual penetration on the part of Mr. Juldas Tchibinda Tchibouela. Indeed, the grandmother, while searching the young lady’s bag, came across a condom, a syringe and several love cards. Her astonishment was great that she had to question the minor for a whole day, in order to pull the glasses out of the child’s nose.

This is how she learned with shock that Juldas Tchibinda Tchibouela regularly satisfied his libido with his aunt-in-law’s granddaughter. With such information, she filed a complaint with the regional directorate of the Judicial Police for rape.

The accused is then arrested by the officers for rape, and placed in the hands of the courts for rape of a minor under 18 years old. During preliminary investigations, he admitted the charges against her, specifying that it was in her bedroom that he abused her three times. He also admitted to having told the young girl to never reveal this information and that if that happened, she should naively accuse her school sweetheart, a teenager 3 years younger than her. The young man taken to a local clinic at the same time as the victim, denied having ever touched young Urma T and that the doctor, consulting both parties, confirmed the loss of the girl’s hymen, specifying that it is an adult who is the author in view of the very small penis of the schoolboy.

By confessing the facts, he is placed under arrest warrant for the crime of rape of a minor. On the stand during his trial, he reiterated his statements made throughout the investigation procedure, indicating that he had had sexual relations on several occasions with his victim, also specifying that it was in the absence of the grandmother. mother of the latter. He was found guilty of the crime of rape of a minor under 18 years old, receiving a prison sentence of 16 years of criminal imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 FCFA.

Jean Jacques Rovaria Djodji

2024-04-08 15:14:34
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