Damaged Door After Police Search: Residents Left With Repair Costs and Uncertainty

2023-10-09 11:31:49

This situation stems from a police search which took place at dawn on September 1, targeting a man suspected of drug trafficking. Police had to break down the front door to gain access to the building, leaving residents with a damaged door and a faulty intercom system. The repair costs amount to 9,000 euros, and no one seems ready to assume them.

The man targeted by the search, designated by the letter “H”, was not present during the intervention. He claims not to be involved in drug trafficking and has cooperated fully with the police but, despite this, he has lived in fear since the incident and hardly dares to leave his house.

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While waiting for the door to be repaired, the building’s elderly residents face considerable hardship due to the damaged door, including the inability to receive visitors. “My mother should come down every day to let the nurse into the home, but she can’t,” Brigitte tells our colleagues at HLN. “There was no other solution. She is now in a care home… With the additional costs that entails. » A situation complicated by the fact that the trustee and the insurance also refuse to cover the repair costs.

The police, for their part, believe that the search was carried out in accordance with legal procedures and that the costs associated with the incident fall under the FPS Justice. However, until the door is repaired, residents’ lives continue to be disrupted, and reimbursement of costs remains uncertain.

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