Massive Emergency Deployment and Multi-Vehicle Accident near N53 Donstiennes: Comprehensive Coverage

2023-10-25 08:07:41

A large emergency deployment was mobilized this Wednesday morning, following an accident on the N53 near Donstiennes (Thuin). Firefighters, police and paramedics responded to the scene in large numbers.

Around 7:30 a.m., the driver of a van, which was traveling in the Gozée direction towards Beaumont, lost control of his vehicle. He first hit a tree, before ending up in a ditch, on the right side of the road. A work van then arrives, its driver comes to the aid of the first driver. Several vehicles stop behind him. According to our information, two cars overtook the work van, and at that moment, an Audi was coming in the opposite direction.

Multiple vehicles involved. – FVH The roadway was closed to traffic. – FVH


The driver, surprised, manages to avoid the two cars. But given the weather conditions and the wet road, the motorist lost control of his car. He hits a stationary car, does a head-on with it, and ends up in a second stationary vehicle, thus creating a secondary accident.

FVH Firefighters, police and paramedics intervened. – FVH The damage is considerable. – FVH FVH FVH

On site, the Beaumont firefighters and the Thuin firefighters intervened to mark the scene. Two ambulances were dispatched, and took two injured people on board, transported to Vésale hospital. From the highway police, they confirm that the victims were slightly injured. This Wednesday morning, the roadway was completely closed to traffic. The Germinalt police zone has established local diversions. On site, the ACF Motors wrecker was called to take care of the damaged vehicles.

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