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2023-08-15 11:30:00 ******* ** ********** ***** *** ******* ********* ******** ** ********** **** ***** **** ********** **** ******* ** ********* *** ** **** ** ******* ** ******* ** ********* ** ** ********* ****** *** **** ** ********* ** ****** **** ** ******** ** *********** *** **** ********** *** ******** **** ****** **** ** ***** ******** … Read more

“Family Survives Tragic Giraffe Attack: Support Their Road to Recovery with GoFundMe”

2023-05-22 17:15:00 Last October, 25-year-old Nicole Panos and her family suffered a tragic accident at Kuleni Game Park in native South Africa. As they returned from a relaxing morning in the sun, a giraffe she said was trying to protect her cubs suddenly ran towards them at high speed, giving her only seconds to save … Read more

Exclusive / During the Chinese New Year, I am very restrained and proud today: the shirt and skirt of the classic game have become loose | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Liu Yanchi / Report from Taipei ▲The classic girl short today revealed that the shirt skirt has become loose. (Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Yanchi) Please read on…. The preliminaries of Group A of the classic competition will be ignited in Taichung on March 8. On February 6, the 30-person final list will be announced … Read more

After she lost her two children due to a medical error… Nicole the Partridge is Mama, and this is the gender of her newborn (photo)

LBC news anchor Nicole Al-Hajl announced that she had given birth to a child, and published a picture on her Instagram account, in which she appeared from her home embracing him, and said that he was a boy and in good health. She wrote, “We are home, healthy and happier than ever. Happy New Year … Read more

Nicole Saafan celebrates Tariq Al-Arian’s birthday with romantic photos they collected

Syrian model Nicole Saafan sent a touching message to her husband, Egyptian director Tarek El-Arian, to celebrate his 59th birthday. Nicole published on her account on social media a set of photos that Tarek collected in several places and accompanied her with a romantic comment that said: “Happy birthday to the unique, kindest, most real … Read more