Rent for goldfish too? 16,489 Rs

If our accommodation is rented, we have to take care of many things. Many homeowners are multi-taskers. Many will say control over many things. One of them is raising pets. Some landlords do not allow pets in their rental properties. However, there are some who charge a separate fee for it. Similarly, this is the experience of a young woman. However, it is not surprising that the landlord charges a special fee for goldfish.

Landlords tend to have problems with dogs and cats in regular rental homes, don’t they? Similarly charging money is the same. The reason for this is that it can spoil the house and surroundings, and cause damage to furniture and other things. However, many people are wondering how he can charge extra rent for a goldfish.

A woman from Kansas City shared her strange experience on TikTok. Landlord says Goldfish wants more rent. The woman has made a video showing her disbelief in the monthly rent statement. A screenshot of this has also been shared.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that 16,489 rupees will be charged for rearing the fish. And Rs.1236 per month has been written by the house owner. It also says ‘fish allowed, invasive species not allowed’. The woman has captioned the video as ‘Now they have started charging rent for the fish we grow’. The video has been viewed by thousands of people.

Nicole from St. Louis shared this strange experience. There have been many experiences while searching for a rental house. However, she told the New York Post that this was the first time something so strange had happened.

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Last Updated Feb 6, 2023, 12:52 PM IST

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