Josef Taucher (SPÖ): Where is the rent cap that the turquoise-green federal government promised Austrians?

2023-12-03 14:12:21 Rent cap now! Turquoise-Green must implement the Vienna model at the federal level! Vienna (OTS/SPW-K) – At the end of August, the turquoise-green federal government announced that it would introduce a rent cap for Austria. To date nothing has happened. “Since the turquoise-green federal government announced in the summer that it would introduce … Read more

Move to Heaven: I Am the Organizer of Relics, Drama Review & Breakdown

2023-11-12 11:48:43 Korean dramas have been in the limelight recently, with large-scale themes emerging one after another. A series of works such as “Spy”, “Model Taxi”, “The Supreme Law”, and “Monster” revolve around hot topics such as anti-social, perverted murderers, and legal justice. Fascinating plot. However, a drama has been quietly launched. Although it directly … Read more

Fukuhara Ai’s Tokyo Mansion Success: Divorce, Affairs, and Luxury Real Estate

2023-11-11 08:57:45 It is reported that Fukuhara Ai’s Tokyo mansion was successfully rented out with a monthly rent of NT$320,000. (Picture/extracted from Fukuhara Ai’s Weibo) It has been more than two years since Taiwan’s former national table tennis player Jiang Hongjie broke up with Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara, but the divorce lawsuit between … Read more

Landlord Sets Fire to New York City House Over Non-Payment of Rent: Shocking Incident Revealed by Fire Department

2023-11-09 12:14:53 The landlord had a dispute with the tenant over non-payment of rent and eventually set fire to the house where the tenant lived. The shocking incident took place in New York City. 66-year-old Rafiqul Islam set fire to the house. A family of six children was in the house at the time of … Read more

Landlord Sets House on Fire Over Rent Dispute: Shocking Incident in New York City

2023-11-09 12:14:53 According to the fire department, the homeowner threatened the family several times. The tenant and his family say he said he would cut off the gas and electricity and set the house on fire if the rent was not paid. First Published Nov 9, 2023, 5:44 PM IST The landlord had a dispute … Read more

The Impact of OSFI’s Turnaround on Mortgage Renewals: What You Need to Know

2023-11-04 08:00:00 It’s deplorable. The situation became clearer in mid-October. “Clarify” isn’t quite the right word. We should rather speak of a “turnaround” as spectacular as it was unexpected. Because the rules could not be said to be equivocal, they were applied uniformly by the entire industry. I touched on the subject briefly in a … Read more