Feeding a giraffe at the zoo and being knocked away by it in seconds | International | CTWANT

2023-12-12 15:39:36 A woman was head-butted by a giraffe at the zoo, and netizens speculated that she had taken too little food. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) A mainland woman went to the zoo to feed the giraffe. Unexpectedly, she only took a leaf and wanted to feed the giraffe and take a selfie. As a result, … Read more

“Family Survives Tragic Giraffe Attack: Support Their Road to Recovery with GoFundMe”

2023-05-22 17:15:00 Last October, 25-year-old Nicole Panos and her family suffered a tragic accident at Kuleni Game Park in native South Africa. As they returned from a relaxing morning in the sun, a giraffe she said was trying to protect her cubs suddenly ran towards them at high speed, giving her only seconds to save … Read more

Excessive defense of wild animals? South Africa’s giraffe burst away and reversed the life of mother and child, 1 dead, 1 disabled and 1 seriously injured | International | CTWANT

2023-05-22 01:42:30 (Schematic / pixabay) Nicole Panos, a 25-year-old mother abroad, took her child to a safari park in South Africa in 2022, but was accidentally attacked by a giraffe, which caused Panos’ daughter Kaia to be on the spot Tragic death, 4-year-old son Kayden (Kayden) suffered a severe fracture, and Panos himself suffered a … Read more

One and a half year old girl was trampled by a giraffe; A tragic end for the baby Giraffe | South Africa

A one-and-a-half-year-old girl dies after being attacked by a giraffe. The 25-year-old mother was also seriously injured in the attack. The incident took place in Durban, South Africa. The mother and baby were attacked by a giraffe at Kuleni Farm, 270 kilometers from Durban. Giraffes usually do not attack humans. They are rarely aggressive. The … Read more

Comments that do not believe “giregis who wrote novels” in the evidence of the fatherland son’s proxy test

Specific circumstantial evidence has been revealed that former Justice Minister Cho Kuk solved the exam for his wife Jeong Kyung-shim, a former professor at Dongyang University, and his son Cho Won, who was a student at George Washington University in the US. In the midst of this, it was found that opinions differing about criticizing … Read more